Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If you ever wanted to know

What the absolute worst smell to wake up to is....just ask! Now, typically on any given day, my porkloving dad makes bacon with his breakfast...and I gotta say, it's one of the most wonderful smells to wake up to! Coffee drinkers will say it's coffee, but foodies will tell ya otherwise! I'm not a coffee drinker! So bacon is a weakness for me....but if I can't eat it (diet, remember!) then smelling it is just as satisfactory!! There is always the fact that DJ gets a piece every morning and he shares his nibbles with me...what a great kid I'm raising....but I'm getting off track....

THE absolute WORST smell to wake up to.....burnt roasted garlic!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!! My mom decided today was the day we were making hummus so to prepare she thought she'd roast the garlic in this garlic roasting thingy you can put either in the oven or the micro. My mom is a micro-loving-mom....but when she read the "destructions" as she calls them, and followed them it didn't look right, so she gave it an extra 5 mins....WHAT!?!?!?!!? The destructions say to cook it for TWO (2) minutes!!!!!!! And she gave it an extra FIVE!?!?!?!! Oh it was putrid!!! In fact, here I sit a good 16 hours later and I can still smell it...I swear! Needless to say, I pitched that set of cloves and started over...gave it the 2 mins it required and it turned out very nice thankyouverymuch! The hummus....when we followed the recipe alone it wasn't that we added a jar of ground kalamata olives in oil that smelled HEAVENLY!!! And then some salt and pepper...gotta tell ya...I'm quite impressed!!! It was fabulous!!!!!! I like my hummus smooth and this was SMOOOOOOOOTH!!!! Thank you Vitamix!!

In other news....not much else happened!! My arm wasn't hurting til DJ started pounding on it this afternoon...even now, when I raise that arm, it pulls a a tired muscle.
OH and no nap for DJ this aft...but we did insist on a one hour lay-down-on-your-bed-and-rest time. Worked and he was able to just settle down a bit. Which made bed time a breeze!! Out like a light in the first try! Whew! As a matter of fact, I had both kids in bed by 8:30 and got some quality knitting time!!! for the American Idol hour...I was too busy IM'ing, texting on FB and tweeting....that IS what commercials are for!

OH, we got the maps and books and stuff for the drive home!!!!!! It was a rather large box and not what we were was BETTER!!!! Maps that were highlighted with our route...a booklet with all the individual highways and cities we're driving thru...tour books for certain areas....and then a map of each state we're driving thru....DANG!! CAA went all out!! We have also decided that we're stopping to see Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone Nat'l Park! If we're driving right by them....we HAVE to stop!!! Who knows when we'll get to see them again! The plan is to still take off after my mom's Dr appt on the 26th and get to Chicago that first nite. We wanted to stop and see Oprah, but turns out she finishes taping the end of May, AND all audience members have to be over 18...what would we have done with the kids!?!? So, bummer on that one! Getting the maps makes it that much more exciting and nerve wracking!!! I have to keep thinking positively!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. oh no.. i got a better bad morning smell for ya! Imagine you have a crock pot with very little meat and some juice/fat left in it that you are too lazy to wash... then imagine one of your darling children turn it onto HIGH around 5pm. Next step, imagine you dont discover it until you wake up the next morning and are searching the house for what must be a burnt body that the mafia left in your kitchen. UGH!


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