Monday, May 18, 2009


I don't have the link to C&P to connect my blog to MckMama's blog til I get home to the house...but here's my Not Me Monday post!!

In all my flying last week, I did not grab a little girl by the arm as she was walking down the aisle of the plane as I was busy looking the other way thinking I was reaching for my coat my hubby had across the aisle from me...scared me more than her!!! Gave everyone behind me a good chuckle too!!

I most certainly did not tweet about different people I saw in airports I was in....did not see a man in capris...which I'm told are called manpris (they look DUMB!! And my hubby agreed to never wear them!) and then there was the guy wearing hiking boots, leather jacket, black bandanna and a ruffle SKIRT!!! I kid you not! If I was braver, you'd be looking at a picture!!!!

in all my flights last week (3) I did not watch 4 and a half movies (didn't get to finish Magorium's Emporium) which would be more than I've watched in the last 7 mos combined!! (Kid movies DON'T count!)

I also did not regret not paying closer attention to the maps we had of Maui, was I would have seen just how freakin close we were to the Banyan tree!!! Major Maui destination!! Or the fact that, once again, had we looked at a map, notice how close we were to the only yarn shop on the island! Grrrrrr

I certainly did not miss out on a couple deals that I should have gotten, but let myself think "oh, I'll find that somewhere else" Such is life! And really, it was only two things!

I really did not get car sick on our way down the mountain!! At least there was no stopping to puke! Too much motion! And I wasn't the only one!!

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