Friday, May 8, 2009

I got my kicks

and it wasn't on Rte 66!!! It was in a craft store called Mary, before I go any further, you should know that back in WA, I frequent yarn stores on a fairly regular basis...probably twice a month...give or take. Sometimes it was for myself and my purchases, other times it was to drool over stuff with my bff Laura...and there was the monthly knitting meetings held in an LYS (Local Yarn Store) where we drooled even more!!! Since being here in Ontario....I've been to Michael's all of 3 7 months!!!!!!! I was going thru withdrawals people!!!!!

Yesterday, I mentioned to my mom that I'd really like to get to Mary Maxim before I leave in June...and she promptly suggested the next day (today) for the visit...well, don't have to ask me twice! I'm SOLD!!!! We took off this morning relatively early for us, and headed straight to Paris...Ontario that is...and had a good hour long visit with Mary and her crew....I got the wool I need (hopefully enough) for making a pair of felted slippers for Wanda, and then some yarn to make Jackie a hat, and some wool on sale to make SamSam a pair of felted slippers! They sold the Cascade 220 that I've been using for my slippers (got one done) but not the colours I need...grrrrr Hopefully I'll have time to look for it in WA when I'm there next week, otherwise its heading to the UFO pile...

After the shopping we came home and had lunch and I put the kids to bed...and took of for tanner pastures...wait, that's not how it goes....but it works for me!!! On my way down the road it started sprinkling, and I knew rain was in the forecast, so I stopped and fulfilled my mother's wish for some wild Lily of the Valley that's growing on the side of the road. What a mucky, muddy, wet job that was!! I was covered in filth! But I got her a good bunch of them and she's delighted!! Even got them planted when I got home from my tan/open tower surgery. Seems the tower to the big puter was having power they replaced the whole power unit in the tower and we're good to go!! Good too, cuz I did NOT like the lap top...I know, I'm odd!!

Sam's still workin on those molars...poor girl!! Today she was just as miserable as yesterday...but she would let me massage her gums on the bottom where they're almost set to poke thru the gums....I wish I could take the pain for her....I can't imagine!

I'm completely enjoying New Moon....waiting patiently for what my mind thinks should happen....I won't say anything as some may not have read the series *insert shocked look*

Til next time...ciao!!!!

P.S. I can now count on ONE hand how many sleeps til I see Howie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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