Friday, May 15, 2009

Aloha and mahalo!!!

This flying thing is getting old!! Why didn't anyone actually do the math as to how many flights (6 in total) and how many miles (a million) or how many hours (24 total) I'd be doing in one freaking week!!!???? I tell ya, if it wasn't for my husband and Maui...I'd be snuggling my babies!!!

Who, by the way, are doing AMAZING!!! I've talked to them quite a few times already and its only day two!! It'll get more difficult once we're in Maui because of the time change...6 hrs! That's HUGE!!! Samantha has refused all attempts of breast milk, which just breaks my heart!!!! All that time I spent pumping and she has NO interest!!! I'm going to continue pumping while on the trip just in case she wants to when I get back....I'm praying we're not done! I really enjoy our little sessions! Watching her little face slip into peaceful slumber and her body totally relaxing...maybe that's what they mean by sleeping like a baby...its not the quantity of sleep (which we all know isn't long!) its the quality of sleep....hmmmm. DJ only started missing me at bed time last nite, and woke up with a coughing fit...poor guy! He sounded SO raspy!! My mom said he talked in his sleep..."I need Mummy"....awwww :( He also told my mom about 50 timed throughout the day that he was getting a surprise when I got home...better make it GOOD!!!

So far, I've watched Bride Wars (LOVED it!!!) and I'm right in the middle (literally) of The Darjeeling Limited...gotta say, its not doing much for me!! Howie just told me to stop watching it and find something else...just may do that! The choices on today's flight aren't near as good as Air Canada's I had to rent the digEplayer...12.00 for 3 movies...I guess it works out in the end...

I'll report back more once I get lei'd!!!

FINALLY got lei'd at the hotel!! I'll back up a bit and go over the last 24 hours...I stupidly finished the rest of that did NOT get any better! Blah! I then started Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium and promptly kicked myself for not stopping the other one so I. could see all of this one!! I wasn't even a third of the way in and the player was taken from me...grrrr
And I highly doubt I'll rent the player again (12.00) on the way home as there wasn't much else on it I'd want to see...
In any case...we landed in Kahului on time and rushed off the plane to wait for our luggage. The warm mugginess of the noon time day greeted us even before we were in. open air...loved it! After getting our luggage, we went and got our rental car...we went in on one with another (GREAT) couple. After waiting what felt like hours we were finally in air conditioned bliss! All of two minutes later we pulled into the Costco parking lot...yeah, we're smart like that and had a plan to get snacky things because we were forewarned how expensive things are here. When we arrived at our hotel around 2 and upon exiting we got lei'd with these beautiful purple leis!!! Took a bit to get checked in, but in hindsight I'm glad we were an hour later than the rest of the group...that would have been chaotic...
As soon as we got in the room I took pix before we mussed anything up! The bathroom is gorgeous!! Our room has two queen beds...and we actually had the discussion of whether to sleep together or separately...yeah, I smacked him!! 2 mos apart...c'mon!!
After settling we went wandering the whole resort...stunning!!! Came back to the room and had a snack and then headed out for dinner with our rental friends. I'd done my homework and knew of a restaurant famous for their onion rings. So we went in search of it...let me tell you...they were THE most amazing onion rings EVER!!! We both ordered fish and chips, just different fish...Howie got Mahi Mahi and mine was Pacific Whitefish...his was incredible...mine, not so much! After dinner we wandered the main street of Lahaina and looked into some of the shops. Not for too long as we were all exhausted! Howie was asleep before I was done getting ready for bed!!

Here we are its Friday afternoon, and we're off exploring Maui! Our goal is to check out the crater and then dinner and walking around. Howie got a round of golf in this morning...and I got a good nap! I was up for the day at 4:30 by 7 I was tired again...and with no one telling I couldn't...I napped :)

Til next time...aloha!

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  1. Enjoy!!!WOOHOO!!!

    I am hoping someday soon Floyd and I can take a trip to Hawaii or somewhere of the likes. I would really love to go sans kids, but I am thinking if we didn't take our kids with us they would be mighty angry as they are old enough to "get it"....and we have NEVER been on a REAL vacation with or without kids...


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