Sunday, May 17, 2009

Water Logged

Today was almost entirely water related!!! WOW!

Started our day off meeting our friends (Steve & Wyndi) to go for our kayak/snorkel tour...if you do nothing else while in Maui, do this!!!! I will admit to my fears here...#1 I've never been in a kayak before...#2 I do NOT like swimming with fish!!...#3 especially when the "fish" could include ones who could eat me up, or destroy my body...#4 jellyfish don't sound like fun!
BUT, I worked thru it all and off we went!!! We did a tandem kayak, so I only had to paddle for half the time! The trek out to the other beach a mile (or so) away from our hotel's beach went quick! We saw a few Manta Rays poking their heads up out of the water...and one even swam right under our kayak!!! That thing was HUGE!! Once we beached our kayaks, we got our snorkel gear on and took off for the reef. Let me tell was incredible!!!!! I felt like I'd been given front row seats to a live Nemo show!! And the sea turtles were mesmerizing!!! For their size they move PDQ!! One even came up right in the middle of our group of 6 to take a breath!! We got to see (and hold if we wanted to...which I didn't) an unagi...which is a Japanese delicacy...once its in your hand it tries to attach itself to you with its tentacles. No thanks! The other thing our guide brought up was a pencil urchin. Now that I held and it was a most bizzare thing to hold! Even tho you can't SEE it move, you can FEEL it move on you hand, just wild!
Then we kayaked back to our beach! Showered and got dressed to go out fo lunch! Came. Back to our hotel and had time for a nap befoe the boys went to play golf AGAIN!! Once they left, we girls kept ourselves busy,,..drinking Mai Tai's and planning! Finally we took off for the pool, they have about 10 pools connected with a lazy river thing! There's also two water slides wich were super FUN!!! Even the world's only w(er elevator! It took 1.2 mil to build it and it takes 18,000,000 gallons of water to raise it! Pretty neat!
Around 3 we met up with one of Howie's co-workers as we'd discusses going snorkeling again only closer to our beach. Turns out she brought another of their co-workers with, so the four of us took off. What a great hour!!!! When that was up, we did the lazy river again!! Then back to the rooms for shower #2 of the day!! Then we waited and waited for the boys to come back after golfing! They did and we finally went to dinner!! Now it be bed time!!!

On a totally inrelated moment...I had my first ever sushi meal last nite for dinner...YUM!!! I couldn't do the raw stuff (sashimi) but I did have a nibble of the octopus and tuna...YUCK!!!

Ok...eye lids are drooping!

Til next time...aloha!


  1. I am living vicariously through you!! Sounds like a little piece of heaven, and i LOVE sushi!!!

  2. Glad you found my blog! I hope you guys are doing well. It would be fun to have you back soon! I made the announcement that I was prego again about a week after you left. I'm due on Thursday so we'll see..... Anyway glad to see you're doing well. Hope to see you again soon! I'll check out your blog often.



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