Monday, May 25, 2009


I had no idea how late it was!!! Tonite just flew by!!! Got the kids in bed by 8:30 (not DJ, mind you, but he was out by 9) and then I sat at the computer and read blogs I follow, caught up on my mommy forums, and putz'd around on Farm Town...and then my dad asked for the office so he could work on his bible study...and I went and watched TV and knit. I'm making a pair of felted slippers for my g/f Wanda...and I'm almost done!! I have on more sole to make and then add onto the slipper (its double soled) and the adding of the second sole is so very mind/time consuming!!! It was almost midnite by the time I got done with the one slipper....and I've gotta do it all again tomorrow nite!...and then I came in here (after getting ready for bed BEFORE blogging) and got caught up in other blogs and Farm Town AGAIN!!!! It's too easy to get lost in blog world!!

Recently another blogger asked what it was that made you want to start blogging....and it took me til today to figure my answer out! I started blogging so I could have ONE place to type everything out and have all the different people in my life be able to keep up with our goings on. Especially with all the immigration stuff, I get hand cramps typing out answers to all the questions. So having the blog makes it simpler for me! Originally I thought it would also be a way for my family to keep up with our news, but it seems none of them read my blog...judging by the questions from all of them this weekend about what my status there goes that reason out the window. And truth be told....I kinda like having a "diary" of it an online one that any random person can read....I haven't said anything on here that could potentially cost me a job (don't have one) or my husband (I'll be a widow before THAT happens) or a friend/relationship. In fact, I've gained new blog friends BECAUSE of my blogging!! So there! Not mention all the things I learn from other blogs!!!! And that's why I blog! OH and I enjoy sharing my humour (even if you don't get it!) and my stories about my kids!!! They're bound to get funnier as they get older....I promise!!! lol

Today was a good my mug shots done (passport photos) for the physical that's happening NEXT MONDAY!! Also decided it would be best for me to stay in T.O. on Sunday nite as I'm supposed to be at the Dr's office between 7 and 8 am....and leaving here at 5 am doesn't really appeal to me! So I'll take off once I get SamSam in bed that nite and be at my sister's house for about 10pm, and crash on her couch! I should get good face time with my book that nite. They're normal people who go to bed early!!! lol
I also got to go to Michael's today to pick up the last skein of yarn I need to finish off the said slippers up above! We ended up doing lunch at Costco waiting for the photos to be developed...and then DJ fell asleep on the way home. So he actually took a nap today!!! Which also meant that I got one with Samantha!!! What a treat! After nap we did the water park....which lasted all of a half hour as it was a chilly 71 degrees out! So I got them dried off and dressed and we hit the regular park for a half hour. I'm a good Mummy!!! After dinner I even bathed them!!! Didn't wear DJ out any, he was a bugger to put to bed! Sam went to sleep instantly!! DJ fell asleep in front of the laundry room door in my parent's bedroom...I was in there doing laundry and he followed the light....OK, must get to bed...its now almost 1 am!!!

Til next time....ciao!

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