Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, take 2

Yes, I know I already posted today, but that was a little something special...out of the ordinary...extra! Besides, you wanna know what I DID do, not what I did not do today!! lol

I started New Moon last nite, and could barely get thru half of the first chapter....I was that tired out from all the driving yesterday! I do appreciate the fact tho, that Stephenie Meyer does not dedicate her first chapter to reciting what happened in the first book!! Chances are, if I'm reading the 2nd book, I already KNOW what happened in the first!!! And chances are, I'm not altogether dumb if I can handle reading a 500 page book and remember what happened!!! Kind of a pet peeve of mine when series of books just keep reiterating what happened before hand...

Today was an interesting day! I had another "first"...went for a tan, which is somewhat of a normal thing this month due to Maui (9 more sleeps!!) but today I got to do a stand up tan instead as the lay down beds were busy. I've never done a stand up tan before! It is A LOT different than the lay down beds!!! MUCH hotter, MUCH shorter in length of time needed and MUCH hotter...oh, did I mention that already!?!?! I felt like a chocolate chip cookie in the oven! If they could talk, I'd know what they were saying!! I was sweating ALL over!!!! She did warn me tho, not to put my hands up too high or I'd burn my arm pits....boy am I glad she warned me! My face is burnt and tingly, I could NOT imagine feeling that under my arms right now! WHEW! It was quite draining too!! I came outta the tanning salon feeling kinda drunk! All my energy was sapped! Sure did tan me up quick too! You can really notice my tantoo's just a heart on the left side peeking out from my's cute!

So my husband, who's been on his own now for 7 months, calls me up this evening quite perplexed at the amount we're paying for cable...basic-no-movie-channels just jumped to 80.00 a month....I could almost do the math and figure out how much an hour that is for his viewing pleasure as he's gone to work all day....but I won't! LOL So, he called comcast and they said they'd give him the lower "new" customer rate for 6 mos....then he called Verizon and they're no I told him to call comcast back and tell them he'll take the lower rate but for 12 mos instead of 6! They usually give to me for 12...
It's kinda nice to have him more aware of the bills and where all the money goes...he thinks we should have more of it somehow....but we wont get into that now...whole 'nother can of worms!

I'm off to bed...took 2 hours to get DJ finally settled tonite after 5 trips to the bathroom....VERY annoying...I'm almost considering deleting the afternoon nap....not quite sure he's ready for that as sometimes he'll nap for 3 hours! And yesterday, when he had no nap, by dinner he was very emotional and punchy...granted, he went down within seconds of being put to bed...still weighing out what I want to do....

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....if anyone knows how to make the background on my blog prettier than the standard I have picked out...please let me know....I've gone blog visiting and there's some REALLY cute ones out there, but I have no clue how to go about doing any of that stuff....

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    If your husband needs any assistance with Comcast, tell him to shoot us an email. :)

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