Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jet lagged

It just hit me as I sat down to type out my homecoming alive!!! I'm all woozy and disconnected...I literally feel like my head just floated off my body like a helium balloon!! YIKES!

In short...DJ was positively THRILLED to pick me up at the airport!!!! As I put my luggage in the back, Sam gave me I ran around and kissed and hugged her, then ran around to the passenger side and kissed and hugged DJ, then hopped into the truck and off we went for home.
Sam started fussing in the back seat, so we made a pit stop at Walmart for milk....well, Samantha wanted NOTHING to do with me at all!!! She was all about G'ma!! DJ on the other hand was eager to walk with me and hold my hand! Kinda stung tho to have Sam reject me like that!
So we got home about 8:30 and straight to bed!! I put DJ down no troubles....and then came Sam's turn...HA! Again, she wanted nothing to do with me! While I was doing DJ's bed time routine, she snuggled with G'ma in the chair....after screaming her head off that I was putting her pajama's when it was her turn, I took her from G'ma and started nursing her. She immediately latched on!!! YAY!!!!! Oh I was so pleased she wanted to nurse!!!! But the moment my mom spoke (DJ had come out to potty) she was furious she was with me and not her. SO discouraging!! But I persisted and she did eventually nurse to sleep and when put in bed had no protests!!
Hopefully come morning she'll be all about Mummy again!!!

I was smart and packed one gift for DJ to have in my carry I knew time wouldn't allow for all his treasures...and I kept the ukulele's currently resting on the couch waiting for his wake up call! He'll be SO pleased!!! With that AND his new bubble wand! Oh yeah...we spoiled him!!! Plus his Hawaiian clothes....too easy to spend very little on them!!!

OK...need to go lay down....back to regular programming tomorrow!!

Til next time...ciao!

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