Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am woman

Hear me roar!!!!!!!!!! Lots happened today....went for a tan this morning, which was just the regular tan....nice and toasty warm! No more burns!
Then we did lunch, and after getting SamSam down for her nap (notice only one kid's name there) I took off for the Dr's office to get my tetanus shot. According to my files, I haven't had one since 1989...major car accident I was in at age 17....so it's been a while! Good Lord, that's 20 years now...man! Anyways, the shot itself wasn't that bad! I even commented that it was the first time my GP had ever given me a needle....and I've been going to her since 1992....I was blown away by that! I felt woozy, but I'm pretty sure that was all in my head...get it? lol
After the appt, I went to see my sister who's selling the fudge this week at Cambridge Centre, as there was some fudge she needed....worked out quite well for me to just zip it over to her. While in C'bridge (I don't get to go often) I went over to the outlet mall to Additionelle to see what they had in the way of bras...and while in the parking lot, I made the decision to head into Roots first. It's REALLY changed since the last time I was in there! It used to be more of a bargain that what they have going on now...bummer! I did get each of the kids THE cutest shirt...DJ's is red and blue, and SamSam's is pink/white/purple....and they both says My ROOTS are Canadian! Oh so cute!!!!!! Then I headed over to my original destination and as I walked in there were two racks of clothes that were on mega sale. The gal comes over and explains what's what and then walks away....so I start looking. It's a real hodgepodge of stuff and in all different sizes. I find a pair of pants I'd been eyeing back in January and lo and behold...they're in my size!!!! So I take them and try them on and I'm pleased as punch they fit so well! In fact, they're a wee bit on the loose side, but still quite comfy! A little long in the leg, but I can get that fixed quite easily. If it wasn't chiffon, I'd do it myself! (yeah, I'm handy that way!) The original price on the pants....79.99...marked down to 59.99 and then more markdowns....I remember in January they were 50% OFF the 59.99 price...today, they were a whopping 5.00!!!!!! YES, you read that right!!!! I got a pair of 80.00 pants for 5.00!!!! If I'd walked in there specifically looking to buy pants, I wouldn't have found anything!!!! I go in there for bras, and I find pants!! I think I'm going to go bra shopping more often!!!!!!! LOL What a steal!!!! Talk about beating the recession!

So, yeah, DJ not having a nap...just isn't gonna fly! By dinner he was this whiny/crying/throw himself on the floor mess!!! He's obviously not ready to skip them. In fact, come bed time, after sitting on the toilet for 15 mins for nothing other than conversation, meanwhile Sam's getting MAD at me for not putting her to bed...I finally sent him to bed. He then got mad at me (at least they take turns) and I fed Sam and she was out like a light in 20 mins. After getting her settled in the crib, I decided to peek in on DJ and if he was still awake, allow one more potty sit.
I couldn't open the door...and when I tried, I hit something...the something was HIM! He'd fallen asleep in front of the door!! So I go in thru the laundry room, and pick him up and put him in bed...he then cries out "Mummy, PLEASE" and falls asleep. OY! This kid I tell ya....

OK...it's later than normal, off to bed I go to read....my arm REALLY hurts now!!!! OUCH!

Til next time...ciao!

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