Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another walk in the park!

DJ really wanted it to be a walk in the water park, but they closed it early! Without consulting me!! How dare they!?!?!! And like a blond mom with two kids, I totally didn't see the barricade blocking the true entrance til AFTER DJ was hitting the button to make the water work! D'oh!

So we headed to the regular park instead....and while DJ was in his clothes, SamSam was not, so she got the short end of the stick and had to be in the shoes, and just her bathing suit on! Granted it was still 77 degrees out at 7 pm (yeah, we went LATE today) I just didn't want a little black footed kid!! The padding thing at the park is DIRTY!! I did give her a bit of a thrill tho and put her in the swing! DJ loves to push her, til she knocks him down (LOL) and they both giggle. Well, tonite, there was a little boy there, probably 18 mos old, who was being swung by his dad and they did this 1-2-3 BLASTOFF thing, and once they left, DJ actually asked to go in the swing for a blastoff...I about fell over!! My son does NOT like the swings!!! He used to as a wee babe, but not since last year...or this year! So I gladly put him in the swing and gave him under doggies (my version of the blast off) and he LOVED it!!! All the while, Sam's in the swing next to him just giggling away!! What a great sound!

Even tho her face doesn't say it in this picture...she's happier than a pig in youknowwhat! Man what cute kids I have! Then again, I'm biased and there's a phrase out there "every mother thinks HER child(ren) are the cutest!!!" Which is so very true!!!

The bloodsuckers are out...not the vampire kind either...the skeeter kind!! I think I got bit on the top of my my scalp!!! More annoying than anything! Guess it's time to break out the bug repellent!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Wow they really are cute though! LOL I cannot believe how big they are getting and DJ really sounds like he just a smart cookie!


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