Saturday, May 9, 2009

What a pain in the

BUTT....literally!!! I woke up this morning with a cramp in the right cheek and it hasn't let go since!!! WOW does it hurt!!! Even breathing hurts it....I know, I know....I gave birth to 2 painful can this be....may I remind you I was on some pretty wonderful drugs!!!!!!!!!!!! Not this's grin and bear it....hahaha AND I've had my ass kissed today...again, literally!! DJ knows my bum hurts so he's been kissing it and saying "All better mummy?" Poor kid doesn't know any better...but I did put a stop to that!

All that diggin yesterday is what's caused this....and if what they say is true, tomorrow's not looking any better in the way of pain....hopefully I'll be "okay" by the time I see Howie!!!

I got the suitcase of useless stuff packed today!!!! Didn't take me long to pack it either!!! The more I take now, the less I have to drive back! And hopefully we'll be able to take DJ's toddler bed with us...if not, craigslist will do! Speaking of, gotta get the co-sleeper listed....quit dragging my heels! I'm half tempted to take it back home to sell...we'll see.

Watched yet another pointless/boring/couldawrotethatbetter movie!!! The Perfect Neighbour...and it was Canadian....OY! All I needed was something on to knit to, and it did the trick! I'm about 75% done the first slipper for my g/f Wanda!! Need to get to Michael's (oh darn!) to get some more fun fur for it (say that five times fast)....and then I can keep moving along! Not sure if that'll happen before or after Maui....I do have nothing planned for tomorrow....we'll see what the weather's like.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day (my 3rd one) and :( I have no hubby near me to spoil me with sleep!!! Not so much about the gifts, it's not necessary, but sleeping in sure would be a treat! I'll get plenty of opportunity to do that in Maui!! FOUR MORE SLEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to get that out lol :)

Time to put one more nite to rest.....I'm half done New Moon and it's getting GOOD!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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