Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have no words

I'm stunned actually....*sigh* and not sure how or if to blog about it. If you're a praying person, please start praying that our interview goes in our favour!!!! If it doesn't, I'll have to find another place to live. Things have not gone well here tonite....but I won't get into specifics....please, just pray that our family will be reunited forever!!!

Other than that, our day was phenomenal!! My mom and I took the kids to the local Farmer's Market, and it was quite enjoyable!!! Got a few deals, and noticed one empty we tossed around the idea of them opening a permanent fudge booth here in Brantford...nice and local, only two days a week...what more could you ask for? And the place was hopping!!! You could tell there were a lot of regular/repeat customers. Which is good for business! And it's all in a building, so no worries about weather affecting your product. We'll see if it pans out...

Then quite by accident, as we were driving home we happened upon a HUGE, and I do mean HUGE warehouse sale that happens once a year. All proceeds go to charity. And the prices are ridiculous!!! In past years large jars of Nutella were selling for .17 cents a jar...yes, you read that right...and no, it wasn't expired!! Cans of shaving cream for 1.00, and Gillette Mach3 starter kits for's a steal!! Today was no less of a bargain!! Every year it's different in what gets donated by companies to the charity. Today's bargains were, shaving cream, again for 1.00 (I stocked up for Howie for a year!) lots of weed/lawn products, shower curtains and rods, (I got one rod for .50) Glade candles and sprays, OFF sprays, lots of cell accessories (none fit my beloved BlackBerry), jewellery boxes (we're kicking ourselves for not getting those as they went on half price as soon as we got up to the check-out), and then notepads, pencils, tattoos, key chains, wrapping paper, magnet picture frames, erasers....all with a person's name on it. AND the deal was, whatever you could fit into a bag was 2.00!! We SCORED!!! We got 2 bags of stuff and most of it in the names of kids we know (or have) and all told, we got 110 items in those two bags...110 items for 4.00!!!! That's 3.6 cents per item!!! UNREAL!!! Of course I'm thrilled!! lol

And now, I'm off to bed....gonna read and take my mind off my troubles. Pray!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. thinking nothing but positive thoughts for you, Missy. and sending a BIG hug.

  2. Hi there, you left a comment on my blog about the babylegs I knit for Mckmama & Stellan? The pattern is here:

    Hope you can whip some up... they were really fun to make!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog as well!!! I feel so famous since Mckmama posted that picture :-)

  3. Missy you know we will be praying for you! Maybe an update on GIG if you can!

    Sounds like an AWESOME sale! I wanna go too!!! :)


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