Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane...

I am all packed up....I think!!! Boy what a chore it is!!! Making sure you have all the necessary stuff you KNOW you'll need as well as the stuff you think you might need...and then there's the stuff I know I won't need here!!! OY What a chore indeed!!!!

Today was a beautiful day in every way!!! The weather was nice....the kids were sorta well behaved...bedtime was almost effortless! All around a good day! Gave my kiddizzles a few extra hugs too....the world lost a beautiful baby yesterday as Kayleigh went home to be with Jesus. I've never met this little girl, but she sure did teach me to be even more grateful than I already am for my perfectly healthy babies!!! It just breaks my heart when any parent loses a child....I simply cannot imagine!!!

I told DJ this morning at breakfast that "Mummy is taking a holiday and going to see Daddy" his response "Will G'ma and Poppa still take me shopping?" I think he took it quite well don't you?? Of course, throughout the day I let him see me packing my stuff up, and we talked about how I was getting on a plane and flying to see Daddy for a week and that he was to be a GOOD boy for G'ma and Poppa, and take care of SamSam cuz she'll probably be sad. He even told Daddy that I was coming to see him when we did our bedtime phone call....so I think he's gonna be just fine!!!
Tonite as I was nursing Samantha to sleep, I prayed it wasn't my last time to nurse her....I really hope she doesn't decide that she's done breastfeeding while I'm gone! I'll be pumping every day on her schedule just in case she wants to when I get back. I didn't stop bf'ing DJ til he was 16 mos old and even then it was because I was pregnant with SamSam and it hurt SO bad!!!

OH...I finished New Moon today....what a way to leave me hanging!!!! I NEED to find someone who has Eclipse so I can keep reading and not have to wait til August for the paper back version!!! GAH...somebody help me!!!!!!! lol I do have 5 weeks worth of PEOPLE to read while on the plane...as well as a novel by Jodi Picoult (see how savvy I am with the linky things now?!?!?) I also have my iPod ready to go!!!!! Still have to pack a sandwich, and some snacky stuff (Thank you Jackie for clarification) and then sleep....HA sleep....I have to be up at 4:45 so we can be out the door by 5,so I can be at the airport for 6 and then fly at 7:30!! Already done the check-in thing online, so that's one less step when I get there...

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Hope you havea a wonderful vacation. I will miss you!!


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