Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh what a nite

Late December the next line...but not for me!!! Last nite was BRUTAL!!!!!! Not sure what was Samantha's problem, but she woke up SCREAMING exactly 57 minutes after I'd shut my light out. NOT pleasant!!! I went to her and touched her and scared her even further!!! From there I brought her to my bed, and it took her an hour to settle so that I didn't need to be touching her anymore. I've also had a ringing in my ears that doesn't' bother me during the day....only at nite when there's nothing to listen to...and for whatever was set to LOUD last nite...distracting me from sleeping....then I heard my mom walking the hall at 3:52....then DJ getting up at 6 am...then Sam waking up at 7 am when she heard the juicer going...she wanted some and she wanted it NOW! So by 9:30 I was ready for a nap!! And since kids don't generally let their parents nap (well, not til their teens anyway) I decided to go shopping!! We took my mom's shopping list and hit the town! Well, okay, only 2 stores! I got the fixings for DJ's birthday cupcakes...he was quite excited to pick them out too! And very gracious..."Thanks Mum! I love them" I also got stuff I needed to make more hummus. My first batch is GONE!! I just love the stuff!! And now that I know how extremely easy it is to make...I have a hard time buying it! This time I did something different...I bought some kalamata olives to blend in it. Not realizing at the time that I bought HOT ones....YIKES! But in the grand scheme of's such a little kick and it's a REALLY good flavour! Wanna come over for some hummus and pita chips?? Even DJ liked it...Sam's a given....she's like her G'ma that way! She actually sucks all the hummus off the chip and then eats the chip...silly girl!

Today, DJ asked to take a nap with me again...he really did enjoy it yesterday...and after last nite, who was I to say NO!?!?!? So I got Sam down for her nap, and then he and I crawled into G'ma's soon as I got him covered up...he sat up and said "let's talk Mum" HAHAHA I could hardly contain my laughter!! And he thought he was pretty smart for making me laugh!! So he repeated himself. I asked him what he wanted to talk about and he said "my birthday!" Too cute I tell ya!!! After we talked, he fell asleep and we all three slept for a good 2 hours!!! Oh boy did I need that!!!!

Took the kids to the park and it was all good!!! Got home just in time too!! By the time I got the kids in the house and up the stairs....looked out the kitchen window and it had started RAINING!! whew! Dinner, bath and bed....all good!

I finished off my g/f Wanda's's the before pic....I should have done one with my foot next to it so you'd see how big it was against my size 9 foot!!!!

And here's the finished product!!! I'm so proud of these!!! I only hope you like them as much Wanda!!! They're busy drying right now...but I tried one on and it fit like a glove, so for an 8.5 it'll fit even better!!! And of course, I'll ask for a picture of her modeling them!!! :) to bed I go...trying to do it a wee bit earlier!! Last nite I got totally sucked into Eclipse!! Oh man was it starting to get GOOD!!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Sounds like the last few nights here with Camden. He has been a stinker lately. Waking every 2 to 3 hours. So annoying! And I am EXHASTED!

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I just take it day by day you know. If you are interested in the clippies or bows that I make just get back with me. I make everything as a custom order so I can match anything for you.

  3. Love the finished projects! very nice :)
    Hope you manage a better night of sleep tonight!


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