Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nice Day for a White Wedding

This morning I woke up a couple times...Howie getting in the shower....Howie leaving for his massage...Sam joining me in bed....DJ joining us in bed...Sam needing my help on the toilet....Belle needing out...DJ was the one who slept the best of everyone and didn't get up til 9:30!! SamSam and I enjoyed our snuggle in the chair waiting for him to get up.

Howie came home shortly thereafter and I got busy making everyone breakfast. Then I gave Howie a haircut and he went out to do yard work. Sam and I stayed in for a bit putting laundry away, gathering more to wash, and doing dishes. Then we headed out to work in the garden. Howie had me cut up weed whacker line first and then we hit the weeds in the garden. Apparently I can't grow radishes to save my life! So, I pulled all that was there and found some smothered carrots trying to grow....I'm sure they'll thank me now! I also uprooted some other thing I'd planted but it wasn't up to snuff, and in its place I put some squash as they needed thinning....hopefully I transplanted them okay. We'll see!

About 1 I came in with the kids to get them lunch...I got caught up in everything here and wasn't able to hop in the shower like I'd wanted to. Howie came in from mowing the lawn and took the first shower. Then it was my turn! I spent 15 minutes figuring out what to wear...and then another 10 doing the kitty litter...why is it I can't just "go have a shower" and be good with that!!??!!? Thankfully the wedding was literally 2 miles from our house!! One of Howie's work buddies and we've socialized with them a few times, so it was nice to be invited.

We arrived with 10 minutes to spare...and even then she was 19 minutes late!!! But that's okay, she's the bride and the sun was shining!! The ceremony itself had quite a few comical elements and it was just great to see these two finally get married!!! Howie's big boss was there too, so it was somewhat cautious til he left...which wasn't too long after. I did meet a couple new club people, but we kept to ourselves for the most part. Enjoyed the buffet of fresh foods we could actually eat and some water from Fiji (of all places) and listened to music. Meanwhile the sun was cooking us like we were turkey at Thanksgiving!! SO hot!!! And we're in the pool area of the home, just not fair!!! All dressed up and the only thing we wanna do is jump in and cool off!

Shortly after 5 we headed for home...such a long trek...the kids greeted us and they looked happy to see us. We visited with my g/f Shirah before she headed for home...and then I got dinner ready for the kids. From the time we got home, my tummy was angry with me...Howie's too, but he cheated and went to lay down! bugger! Once dinner was cooking for the kids I tried to relieve the pressure, but no such luck. Sure did a lot of burping tho!! Well, more than my usual Neither Howie or I wanted dinner, so we skipped it while the kids ate theirs.  Then I bathed them as tomorrow is a church day, and off they went to bed with some was before 9 y'know!

Howie then watched an LFL game (Lingerie Football League) that was in Hamilton of all of the girls on the West team works with Howie at the while he watched that, I read my entire People magazine...even stuff I don't normally read!! Finally he went to bed and I put on something from dvr. Now, the tummy is somewhat settled and I'm off to sleep!!

Til next time...God bless!

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