Sunday, July 24, 2011

I concede defeat!!

I am SO not the coolest Auntie in the world!!!

This morning, Sam was the first to come snuggle with  me in bed...just before 8, so not too terrible, but I don't think I'll be staying up to wake Howie up two nites in a row again. And yet, here I am, passing time, waiting to wake him up! But I told him, this is the last nite...har har since he goes back to work on Monday.

The kids and I ate breakfast long before Joanne came upstairs....and while she ate her breaky, the kids got dressed and headed out to play. I wanted to grab a shower before I left the house. Turns out, so did she came in with me....a much different experience than with Daddy...I picked her up and took her into the water, which at first she liked, but didn't like the rinsing off of her hair part....or how long she had to be in there with me as there was no one to pass her off to. Oh well, she survived!

Finally about 11 we headed into town to Freddy's...the kids were being unruly as THEY wanted to head straight to the toy section but we got stopped looking at clothes first...and then trying clothes on...but they got the patience lesson and practiced it. Then we head into the toy section and boom, first thing Jo sees is a beauty salon thingy for SamSam and says to her "you want that?" to which Samantha replies heartily YES!!!!! What 3 year old girl wouldn't want this!?!?! Since I can't see any other boxes of it, I find someone to help us, he goes in search of one for us. So we walk the aisles looking for something DJ wants...sword? no! Tonka truck? yes! But then he spies Finn McMissile from the new Cars movie and is ALL over that!! Saying "I don't have that one actually!" lol  Finally the guy came back and said they had no more in the back and that we could have that one...which Jo was pleased as punch about since it was already set up! lol So off we go in search of a cashier. DJ of course can hold his toy, but Sam can't...and she did ok with that til we got to the car...then she wanted tangible proof it was hers since it was going in the trunk.

We got home minutes before a fishless/crabless Howie did....just enough to get the salon in the house and set up in Sam's room...she was in complete awe!! SO fun to watch! I then got started on lunch while Howie went and napped. Then after we ate, Jo wanted a nap, so the kids and I headed to the park with the dogs. They didn't want to stay long as their new toys were calling their names, they could hear it! lol So we headed back and they actually played quietly waiting for someone to wake up. Howie was first and Jo was shortly after.Then she grabbed a shower and we headed out for dinner.

To a place we'll probably never eat at again!!! A new Chinese buffet place that just opened up a month ago or so...very bland food and quite chewy! The kids did okay, and got to try some new stuff...but stuck to the typical kid foods. Then we headed to Freddy's again as we forgot to get Jo a one day license for her to fish tomorrow.  It wasn't til we were on the way home that I noticed the time (8:24) and that I had to do the Panera run for the gleaners...YIKES!!! I made Howie hurry it up and then as soon as we got home, ran in grabbed car keys and headed out. Jo came with me to see what it is we do and how much we get.  She was amazed!!! And picked out a few goodies for here that we don't normally have.

We got home after 10 and she went right to bed....Howie wasn't too far behind her I watched a new show I'd dvr'd called Sweet Home Alabama....kind of a take on the B'ette, but with a Southern girl and half country/city boys...interesting! I enjoyed it and knit just fine with it on. lol Now, I'm drowsy and need to go wake Howie up....he'd better catch a dang fish today!!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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