Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Party Girl

This morning Samantha slept til quarter after 8...amazing how well she does in a quiet house! Even Belle did fantastic!!! I woke somewhere around 6:30, and just rolled over of those curious about the clock moments. I got Belle taken care of, and then she and I had a lovely breakfast....we snuggled in my chair for a few minutes and then I started getting ready for the day. Packing our lunches, and making sure I had everything for Avoning, and then showering before we took off.

First stop was at a Tastefully Simple party that my g/f Nicole was having at her house. We were late, but didn't miss any of the food samples....Oh soooo GOOD!!!! I stayed away from the sweet stuff, but the dips were fabulous! In the end, I got the Bayou Bourbon Sauce (PERFECT for salmon) and then the Spinach and Herb mix. We left there shortly after 1, and when we got back into the car I checked my phone to see the pic of Howie and his catch of the day!

That sucker is 30 lbs of King Salmon goodness!!!!! Almost weighs as much as SamSam!!! That's just nuts!! Here's DJ holding it up for a picture....check out his neck muscles!!!!

Sam and I headed into Lynnwood to my deliveries....she's such a trooper!!! She fell asleep on the way in, which was perfect timing really. We had lunch with Morgin and her mom, they hadn't seen her in forever, and were amazed at how big she's gotten. She charmed the socks off them too!!! By my last home stop Sam asked to do the book part, so I got her out and gave her the book, she walked up to the door and just dropped the book. HA! I knocked and Cynthia came from the front of the house, so she picked up the book and handed it to her. I may have an assistant soon!!

We finally got home at 6:30 and there was no dinner waiting for us....the fish was cleaned and put away. Howie was beyond exhausted!!!! The two times Howie tried to nap he was woken he gave up and cleaned the fish, but had no energy to enjoy it, so its DEFINITELY on the menu for tomorrow nite! Can't wait!!! So we had hotdogs, coleslaw and green beans....of which the kids gobbled it up!  Then it was bath time...Howie barely made it thru story time and then hit the hay! I got to clean up some of the dvr stuffs and enjoyed my solitude. I thought about knitting, but just not motivated enough...and Belle had a rough evening, so no sense trying to concentrate on something when I need to focus on her. Still no real improvement in the potty training....oy!

Til next time...God bless!

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