Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yet another, crazy busy day!

This morning it was SO nice to wake up to Miss SamSam as the boys had gone fishing....we took our time getting up, well, til she started callin for me to wipe her that is. Then we had breakfast and were out the door at 10. I dropped her off next door and headed to the shed. Today was a gut/clean day for the shed.

I worked with the others til 11:45 and then headed to the airport to pick my sister Joanne up. Her flight was to come in at 12:18, and I didn't even bother to check the flight status online...if I had, I would have seen she got a half hour delay...but I'd already left plenty of time for her to get her luggage and be outside waiting for me. Just as I was doing my first lap around arrivals  she called me saying she was still at the baggage claim waiting for her bag and that they'd left a half hour late due to mechanical issues. So I headed to the cell phone lot to wait for another call....yeah, that didn't happen as there was something going on and a cop was directing traffic away...which put me somewhere I had no clue where I was going. I sorta followed the person in front of me as they had tried to go to the lot too...but I found a sign heading back to the loop and got on. I figured I'd just sit and park since the lot was closed...worked well as with in a minute Jo was out and we loaded her in the car.

The drive home was chatty as its been 2 years since we've seen each other, but 3 since she was last here to visit. She felt the extra hour of driving to get to Monroe compared to Lynnwood...and with all the motion she getting ill. Finally we got home and everyone was outside to greet us. Took her in and gave her a quick tour before making her a lunch as she was too! Then both she and Howie took a nap while the kids were outside playing....but they didn't stay out long, and so Jo's nap wasn't much of a nap really as she's right under the main room of the house...the dining room. Howie on the other hand got a great nap lol

While the crab was cooking, Jo and I headed to Albertsons to get some wine and turkey for her and turkey legs for crab bait. We got home at 6:45 and got right into making dinner...and eating it!! Oh it was yummy!!!! She'd never had 'caught that day' crab with us and enjoyed it muchly! Then she and I shelled a pounds worth of meat to make some bisque tomorrow YUM!

We wrestled the kids into bed by 9:30, which DJ needed badly was he was fading fast with getting up at 2 to go fishing...thankfully he had a 2  hour nap on the boat today. The 3 of us watched a bit of tv, but then Howie went to bed. Jo went to bed minutes after that as her body clock is messed up with the travel. So I watched the two episodes of Necessary Roughness that I had in dvr...gotta say, this show is fast winning me over! LOVE it!!!

Now, I'm struggling to stay awake so I can wake Howie up to go out on the boat again....*yawn*

Til next time...God bless!

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