Saturday, July 16, 2011

And they're off!!

This morning after a lovely long breakfast, we said goodbye to my parents as they pointed that RV east and started the journey home. I'll admit it freely, I cried! (this is why I'm the favourite!) and even the kids were out of sorts. Super extra whiny and not fun!!

So when Michaela asked if we'd like to go on a walk (mind you, we'd JUST started lunch) I said sure! They waited for us and then we all went. Belle came with for exercise...and did really well! I'm working on her not pulling me on the leash...she'll get it one day! She'll be like those dogs I see so often with the leash draped over their backs while they walk alongside their day!

In our travels we stopped to pick pre-approved roadside strawberries....they had TONNES of berries growing right on the edge of their property, and coming out from under the we helped ourselves. I haven't had sun warmed strawberries in an extremely long time! They were DELICIOUS!!!! And totally made up my mind that we're SO having strawberry plants next year!! Its a must! As we were heading back up the road, I noticed the owner of said strawberries on her porch, so I went up and introduced myself. She said I could come dig up as many plants as I wanted as they multiply rapidly every year! DONE!! And she said I could have some raspberries too! DONE!!!! Oh I can't wait!! Now I gotta find the right spot for them and clear it out.

We got back from the walk and much to my children's chagrin, we went into town to deliver Avon and pick up a few things at Freddy's. I was also hoping to co-ordinate my one client who's getting married tomorrow, getting her Avon to timing was off! So we headed home instead and got dinner under way. Yummy homemade pizza!! After dinner I got the kids in their pj's while we waited for Howie to come home....I needed to run to town as I'd gotten a call the bride was at the church. Sam pitched a HUGE fit and I ended up taking her and the truck and going. She was out like a light before I even got to town!! Go figure!! When we got back, DJ was already sound asleep too! So we put Sam to bed and I got busy making fishing lunches for the boys.

Once Howie went to bed I put on Friday Night was the series finale! Which made me sad! And with my emotions being so emotional today, I cried several times watching it! Such a good show...and they did a thing at the end that was 8 months later, so that kinda tied up the loose ends. Now, my eyes are done, they're so dry it's not funny...

Til next time...God bless!

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