Monday, July 11, 2011

Girl + Creek = BATH!!!!

This morning we made it to church...not quite on time, but that damn time continuum struck again!! I swear it was 10:20 and we were headed out the door...but we still didn't make it for 10:45! It was a good service too...our pastor is on vacation (somewhere warmer!!) and today we had someone from the Missions Board.

After church it was decided that we'd do Red Robin for dinner instead of lunch....and so we went home and had lovely salads instead. Since it was already 2 by the time we were done eating, Howie, mom and dad headed out to the coach to see what's going on. And to mount the new tv they bought. The kids and I headed to the swing park to wear the dogs out. And that I did!!! I'm noticing that Belle has increased her speed since last week....she now keeps up to Snickers, but Snickers still has a bit of an edge. Its fun to watch!

The girl who lives right beside the park, Calista, came over to see my two and chat...then they went out the fence to see her, and Miss Belle decided she wanted out and wiggled her way out thru an opening in the gate...panic set it as the road the park is on, is SUPPOSED to be 25/h but no one ever does that...especially heading out from up the I ran out to catch her. She went into the ditch (yuck!) to get some water and I waited for her to get out, caught her and leashed her back up. Then we headed to Calista's house to meet her parents. Had a great chat with her grandpa (also a Collie owner) and he gave me some good tips to try...also told me to wait out the puppyness and she'll be THE BEST dog ever!! I know this, but I'm apparently not as patient as I once was. As we're chatting the kids were off exploring with Calista...

Then the screaming was SamSam....we get over to where they are and she's SOAKED from head to toe!! Apparently DJ and Calista were jumping over the creek that runs thru their property, its about 18 inches wide in the part they were in...and she didn't jump, she fell in....soakingdrippingcrying mess!! We said our goodbyes and walked home to get her in the bath. I'd wanted to bathe them, just didn't think I'd be doing it at 4 in the afternoon!!!!  She cried the entire time til I got her dried off and was able to hug her...poor thing!

Then we waited for everyone to be done at the RV....they came in, changed and we headed to Red Robin (YUM!!) for dinner. Even stopped at Dairy Queen, where we got the kids a mini Oreo blizzard...of which I had NONE!!!!!! So proud of myself!! We got home and it was wrangling time...finally got the kids in bed and sat down for a bit. Not too long as I was on Belle duty too! Other than two completely missed pees, and they weren't in her normal spot (so eating where she has peed recently IS helping) she's doing great! I even got a poop outside!!! Its been a while since she's done that. Then one by one they dropped like flies and went to bed. So I watched Drop Dead Diva and The Protector....with nothing to knit! I finished the baby blanket and now have nothing on the needles!!! Shocking!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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