Monday, August 1, 2011

Short and Sweet

This morning I woke up with reality...Sam screaming at DJ for some atrocious thing he'd done!

Headed to church and got flashed (lights only please!) and thankfully I heeded his warning as mere feet in front of me was a deer trotting til s/he found the field it wanted. That was cool!

After church, due to inclement weather, we had our church picnic was tasty and had stopped raining at least by the time we ate, so standing outside waiting for a burger wasn't too traumatic.

Howie took the kids home and I went on Avoning, or was going to til I realized HE had the Avon in the back of the truck oops! Met up and got my stuff and off I went. Most of my normal peeps weren't home, but got to socialize with some who usually aren't home! Was nice!

Got home, the kids were fed and happy, sort of....I made Sam's day by bringing home two bags of clothes and a new toy bin shelf thingy from one of my clients....her little girl who's gonna be 7 decided to part with some stuff and wanted Sam to have it. SO sweet! We've gotten clothes from her before and its always such a blessing. The grow into stuff is currently in the washer now...and all 9 bins are full of stuff in Sam's room. She LOVES it!! It's Princess too, so that makes it even better in her eyes.

After dinner DJ got in trouble for hurting Sam, quite meanly too, so he got sent to his room and fell asleep just before 8, Sam went to bed easily and I got started on the laundry. I also entered all my new orders for Avon...I love how as I'm handing out one order, they're giving me a new one to put in!! LOVE that!

Howie went to bed and I got working on the shirts I was to make for VBS...iron transfers....IRON!!!! Who uses those anymore!?!?!? Certainly not anyone I know as evidenced by my status update on fb about it LOL. And since I was making 3 shirts, and I'd let Howie's work shirts sit in the dryer too long, I thought I'd iron those too...won't make that mistake again! No thank you!

Folded 3 loads of laundry and watched B'ette, Men tell unfortunate Bentley didn't show up and apologize to everyone...ass! I thought it was a good Tell All, and it wrapped everything up nicely. I also like how its the day before the final rose...instead of a week! Nice work ABC!! Now I'm off to make Howie's lunch for tomorrow and get to bed!

Til next time...God bless!

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