Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday = Zoosday!!

This morning was perfect!! Kids woke up after 8, waited til 8:45 before I let them go down and wake Joanne up, which she LOVED!!!, and then get on with the day! After breakfast I worked on Avon til the order went in at 11:55! Then I got kids dressed and ready to head out the door. While I was getting ready, Jo made us both a salad for lunch....the kids were getting pizza as it was my turn to do that run.

FINALLY we were headed out about 1:30...stopped at the bank, the pizza place and the gas station...and then west for the ZOO!!!!! It was gloomy here, with sprinkles of rain, which I was hoping would keep people away from the zoo...but when we got further south, it was sunshiny!! Perfect weather really for zoo walking! The kids were thrilled to be going as they both thought it was their first time ever!!! Not the case, but to them it was.

We arrived and while Jo took the kids potty, I paid for parking and then headed in. First stop was the giraffes as they were feeding them right then! and that's a neat thing to see! Didn't let the kids do it this time, but will have to some day so they remember it. Then we just walked and walked and walked the zoo! Looking at all the animals!! For some reason, it was poop day! The elephants pooped (MASSIVE clumps of shit!! How'd ya like THAT job!??!) and peed (WAY more than a race horse!!! like a fire hose really!!) and went on their way! Then we're watching gorillas (this one was 34  yrs old) and it sat in a squat and pooped...and he reached back, plucked it out, and buried in the food!! BLECH!!! Seriously?? What is with all the poop!!?!??! And for some reason, it was all I could smell at each exhibit today! Must been the rain or something!!

Most of the animals were sunning, which made it hard for the kids to pick them out unless they moved and the kids caught it. They did great tho!! Jo rented a wagon for them, thinking they'd want to sit...HA! they wanted to pull it more than anything! They did take turns sitting in it with the backpack as a pillow...and when they got their ice cream (cool auntie strikes again!) they sat together in it to eat it. Boy, they had fun!!  Then on the way out, it dawned on me to check membership prices and see if what was paid today could be applied to it...sure thing! So I got the 3 of us a membership for a year!!! DJ has Mondays off from school, so that's perfect!! And if we go one more time, its paid for! We already have a zoo play date with a g/f of mine in a couple weeks, so its totally worth the investment!! YAY!!!

The kids both passed out on the way home...and Jo drove to battle car was close to 7 when we got home and Howie had dinner almost ready! After dinner the kids silliness kicked in and they were wild!!!! Finally corralled them and got them into bed! Howie went to bed before 10, and Jo went to shower as she's flying out stupid early! Which is why I'm still up! We leave the house at 3:15 to get her to the airport for 4 as she flies out at sense going to sleep for an hour to get up and drive. I'm praying extra hard that tomorrow is sunny and the kids can play outside while I grab a nap!! Please God!

Til next time...God bless!

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