Monday, July 4, 2011

She has a "tell"

First off, I did in fact skip last nite...I was just too drained from the heat, the day, everything! Plus, the main (no offense Fiona) reason I do the blog is for my mom, and she's

Yesterday I was a chauffeur for my parents...they did come along for my Lynnwood run on the Avon deliveries, and then we went to Ikea and walked around for 2 and a half hours after a lunch there, and then costco on the way home. I was pooped!!! And we had our first 80 degree day yesterday! NICE!!!

Today we got up and headed to church...even if we were 15 minutes late, we still got there! Much tougher getting 6 people out the door on time instead of 4! Service was good and I managed to chat my way out the that! We then headed for home and had a nice breakfasty lunch of eggs and turkey bacon. Which is surprisingly good! And the kids LOVE it!

After that, it's all a blur....a big lazy blur!! I took a nap, took the kids to the park with the dogs, went to visit Belle's G'pa up the street, got some good advice to try with her in regards to her behaviour and potty training, and then came home for a good ol fashioned BBQ of burgers and dogs! YUM!!! While on the way home from Larry's house, Sam was acting weird and holding my hand, telling me she loved I asked her what she was doing at Larry's house as I didn't see her and it took a bit to even find her there. Oh, she started bawling when I asked her that. And saying she was sorry. So I asked her what she did and she went into hysterics!!!! It was quite funny, but at the same time I was concerned for what she'd done, if she'd done something harmful. I then turned around and headed back to Larry's to see if I could see any damage to anything...all we found was a duck egg. I headed back to where she was (she would NOT come with me) and found her hugging a tree crying her eyes out. Get her home and she will not stop crying to tell me anything. I take her to her room so its just her and I, and the crying continues. I leave her be to calm down, and go back in 10 minutes later, half expecting her to be sleeping, but she's still crying. FINALLY I calm  her down and she tells me she found the egg, picked it up and dropped it and something black was in possibly an unborn duck, but I didn't tell her that! She knew she wasn't in trouble and I got her cheered up. What an ordeal!!!! She can not tell a lie! If she was Pinocchio, her nose would never grow!!!

Once the table was cleared  the rents and I went to the shed and shopped, and then came home to kids in pj's. Got them brushed and cleaned and tucked in and we watched AGT for a little bit til The Marriage Ref came on. I've never seen this show before...the premise is quite interesting really! Have 3 people decide who's right in a simple argument that's been going on for a while! I enjoyed it and so did everyone else!  Then Howie went to bed and I watched Suits with mom and dad. This show has grown on me quickly!!! I rather like it! Of course my dad thinks it's a gay show as there's mostly guys in it....oh dad!

After that show mom and dad went to bed and I took the dogs out potty one last time...the fireworks sounds have been torturous to them tonite! They've both been scared silly by them! Belle has definitely learned how to jump up on the couch because of it all too! At one point tonite, Howie had both girls out and the sound sent them running into the house....Belle came bounding in the house and ran straight to the back edge of the couch....we all thought she was gonna go right thru the open window/screen she was going so fast! She was that scared! It was a good laugh tho!

Til next time...God bless!

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