Sunday, July 10, 2011

I found a job I wouldn't want

Crab meat picker!!!

Sorry for no post yesterday, I was whupped!! And didn't feel like staying up any longer to, yesterday wasn't there ya have it!

Today wasn't that spectacular either. Well, the weather was fabulous! And I got to sleep in til almost 9 on my own!! Howie and DJ were out fishing and crabbing....Sam was still sleeping and so were my parents. I even woke up before Belle!!!! THAT doesn't happen often! So I took her out and waited til I could leave to take my Norwex gal the bottle she left behind from my party. I'd forgotten it far too many times....and she had a show today, so it was a must really.

So, I hop in the car while everyone else is asleep...I even have Belle with me, and head out. I get back, literally 15 minutes later, and Sam greets me bawling.....she thought I'd abandoned her! Poor girl! And she'd peed the bed and was SOAKED!!! Got her changed and we snuggled a bit just to reassure her. In the real world without my parents downstairs, I would have woken her and taken her with me instead of Belle!

After breakfast we puttered waiting for the boys to get home...they'd caught 9 crab and no we were having a crab feast for dinner!!!! YUM!!!!! We all had lunch together (well not me and mom, we'd just had breakfast it seems) and dad was having breakfast, he had another lazy in essence, we all sat at the table while some ate and some talked lol Then it was decided that Howie would go help install the new RV batteries that were bought yesterday and THEN go take a nap. The batteries took a lot longer than anticipated, I'm guessing, as I got to listen to Blake's new album digitally on the fan site before I get a hard copy hopefully next week!

Then it was crab cookin time once I woke Howie up....then I headed into town to get some fresh corn on the cob to go with it. When I got home he had cooked up half of it, so I started shucking corn right away and got that cooking. I also made some coleslaw and got the pickles out. The kids had chicken nuggets as I KNEW full well they wouldn't eat crab. And they didn't! Neither did my dad, he had a hot link sausage instead. Crazy people!! I fully indulged in 1.5 crabs and all its glorious meat!! After dinner mom and I shelled the rest of them...we'd eaten 4 crab, and had 5 to pick...SO not a job I'd want!! In the end we got 2.5 lbs of meat! And I'm armed with a recipe for bisque and for crab cakes!! Can't wait!! Plus, we'll be making a crab omelet for breakfast tomorrow...are ya droolin  yet?? lol

After dinner the kids went back outside to play a bit before bedtime. DJ was BEYOND exhausted!!!!! He woke up 3 times last nite thinking he'd been left behind by daddy, who would NEVER do that! He'd only gotten a 40 minute nap on the boat...up at 4, 40 minute nap....yeah, he was a wreck!! I didn't even get to tuck him in he was out so fast! Once the kids were in bed we all played cards and I won! Finally!!! Hard to believe we've only played 3 times in the 2 weeks they've been here!!

I'm also VERY happy to report that Miss Belle has has ONE pee accident today in the house!!! Poop is another story...but one thing at a time! I also got a recommendation from a friend about a training starts Monday!!! THIS Monday! Its 8 weeks long and is 100.00...which isn't too shabby!! I emailed and they still have we're discussing it.

Til next time...God bless!

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