Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beautiful Mind

DJ's getting the hang of crawling in bed without noise...he thinks it's a game, and who am I to ruin his fun?? ha! We were up before mom and dad were, so the 3 of us sat in my chair and watched Regis and Kelly....Blake Shelton was performing, so I HAD to watch it! And turns out, we only had to wait about 10 minutes to catch his song. At which point, dad was on the couch to hear it and commented on how nice his voice was...yes!!! Finally someone other than a female fan gets it! lol

After breakfast a bit of chatter mom and dad headed to the RV with our carpet cleaner in the wheelbarrow...the kids went outside to play and I had a few moments peace!! Well, aside from the dogs!  Then the rain started, the kids came in hungry (of course!) and then mom and dad came in frustrated with each other over the steam cleaner. It was decided that since they had extra soap, we'd steam the area behind our chairs in the living room where it stinks the worst. And that's when we discovered that they'd done it all wrong in the RV and had the soap in the water, not the soap dispenser. So I got that all corrected and showed dad how to work it, even tho I'd never done it myself!!

In the end, we did the whole upstairs, minus the bedrooms, and it  looks great! Even tho Howie did them 3 weeks ago, I was amazed at the filth that came up. Truly amazed!! Then they headed back out to the RV to do the carpets right. Howie came home and the sun was shining again, so the kids went outside again and I grabbed a shower. We then all piled into the truck and headed for town....we dropped mom, dad and SamSam off at Freddy's and then the 3 of us headed to DJ's school for a meeting with the president of the school board and another lady who basically interviewed us as to what we thought were DJ's highlights. It lasted about 45 minutes and then we headed back to Freddy's to get the rest of the fam.

Just to torture the kids, we drove by Red Robin and they begged us to go hindsight, we might have eaten sooner...instead, we came home and bbq'd up the steaks I'd thawed and boiled the corn mom bought and steamed the asparagus after sauteing the which point it was 8pm! I hate eating that late!!! EVERYONE was rather grumpy! *sigh* Then its bedtime for the kids, and I'd rather them have time to digest their food before being put to bed, but what can  ya do?

Howie went to bed at 10 since he'd gotten up at 3 for work this morning, and then mom, dad and I  watched Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe. It was odd (like mom said) to see him in a sensitive role. And the movie itself was far too long as I kept nodding off during it for 10 seconds at a time. It was a good movie, they just could have sped it up a wee bit. But its over, lunch and coffee are ready to go and I'm gonna take Belle out one last time before bed!

Til next time...God bless!

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