Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things that go BOOM!!!!!!

As you all know, today is the 4th of July...and things around here go BOOM often!! Thankfully we're quite removed from the majority of the idiots...but we have had more noise this year than last year. The dogs have been freaking out and neither have been peeing properly outside. oy! They get out there, and start lookin for a place and then BOOM they go running! Today all day its been like that...BOOM, BOOM then a rest and then more BOOMS!!!

In fact, just heard one now!!! But they're few and far between now for us!

Our day was good! The weather was most desirable for a holiday Monday!! Gorgeous really! This morning we were all lazy in getting up. The kids and Howie were up at 8, and I got up at 9:45 and mom and dad came up shortly after 10! By 11:30 the three of us were headed into town. First stop was Ben to get a couple school supplies for DJ with my nifty 40% off coupons. Then to Lowes to get a rolling drawer thing for the RV. Then to Freddy's to pick up some essentials and non-essentials.

We got back and had lunch...Howie had fed the kids and was headed into the shower from his brush fire business. Then Sam wanted to go in the pool next door, which was FREEZING!!!!! It may be 75 out but that pool is C-C-C-COLD!!!!! So I let her think she was going in, and she sat in a floaty for a bit, then I tried getting her into the floaty ring where her feet are actually in the water and she wanted OUT! So I went and sat on the neighbours back porch knowing full well Sam didn't want to swim. DJ was in the water tho! But he's crazy!! Takes after his dad!!!!! :)

About 4:30 my mom was headed back to the house from the RV, and she had rum in her hands, so I followed her and she made me a blueberry daiquiri that was quite yummy!! Then dad made from scratch Angus burgers for dinner and we had corn on the cob and bean salad.  Talk about delicious!! The kids didn't care for them what with the onions and all that flavour in them, but we sure did! We got done dinner at 7:15 and decided we weren't heading out for the fireworks show til 8:30, so the kids headed back out and mom and I worked in the kitchen while dad napped and Howie laid down in the bedroom.

We were finally headed to Maltby to our friend's (and hairdresser) church as I'd gotten wind of their having a show. I originally wanted to go to the demolition derby at the fairgrounds, but for the 6 of us it would have been 60.00 to get in. Then mom, in all her newspaperness, read about the ones in Everett at the marina...but traffic is a nightmare to there! Then this afternoon Lara mentioned they might go to the church ones in Maltby and forwarded me the email with info.

Well, we got there, found parking, found the bathrooms, found my girlfriend Anneke and even got set up right behind her so we were all together...and we waited. The show was to start at 10 and it did so shortly after. We had the anthem, the pledge of allegiance, and prayer before all the BOOM started! And what a show!!!! Man, it was fantastic!!!! Its been a couple years since I've seen fireworks in person, but this was truly amazing!! We were so close, you tilt your head up and all you could see was fireworks, no people, no lights, just fireworks! And at one point we didn't know where to look they were everywhere in every colour!! FABULOUS!!! DJ was overtired from all the swimming and sunshine, so he sat on my lap for the most part and snuggled into me (which was good as I NEEDED his body heat!) and Sam was on Howie's lap with her mouth open in awe and a big ol grin on her face! It was precious!! Definitely a 4th we'll remember for a long time!!!!!

We weren't even back on the highway and the kids were sound asleep! We got home and carried them in, I changed them into pj's while asleep and Howie took the dogs out to potty....which didn't happen as the BOOMs were still going on up here. Then Howie went right to bed as he's gotta go back to work tomorrow, and I got his lunch and coffee ready while mom and dad watched Wipeout. Then they went to bed and I'm sittin here...not for much longer tho as I'm whupped!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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