Friday, July 29, 2011

Please excuse Missy's absence

As she broke her tooth yesterday eating CRAB BISQUE and was in some serious pain. Because of said pain, she took a muscle relaxant yesterday and didn't feel like posting would be in her best interest!

Thank you!

That's what my note to the teacher would read...if I had a teacher...but you get the drift!

Yesterday I had a lovely massage at 1 in the afternoon....the kids and I got home after 2, made us all lunch, I finished off the crab soup I'd made, and bit down on an errant piece of shell my lovely sister included in the crab shucking. (I did the knuckles, so I know it was her!) Kept on eating my lunch, and then my salad and the switch to cold food bothered me more than usual (I have sensitive teeth to begin with) and so I sent my tongue to investigate and it felt odd. So I rush to the bathroom and lo and behold I can see the crack in my molar on the bottom left. NOT good!! So I call Howie to let him know, then call the dentist to see if I can get in that day. She said as soon as I could get in, I'd get looked at! So we finish our lunch (me rather gingerly and not eating on the left side) and off we head to the dentist.

Howie met me at the dentist and took the kids home so they weren't stuck in the waiting room like they did for my massage (and they were AWESOME for that too!!) and I got x-rays taken. Because the crack was on the tongue side of my mouth it wasn't very evident on the x-ray...and the doc wasn't sure how deep the break went. So he referred me to a Microendodontist....yeah, say that 5 times fast! Shit it took me 5 times just to pronounce it right in the first place!!! I head home and call the specialist and they were closed...left my name and number and put it out of my mind. Howie fed the kids and I had scrambled eggs and toast just to be safe.

This morning the kids slept wonderfully, which was fabulous since I'd taken the muscle relaxant last nite and it makes one drowsy. In fact, Sam slept 13 hours!!!!! DJ did 12 and I got 7.5! NOT gonna complain!! So after breakfast I try callin the specialist dude again and no answer. I take Belle out for a potty run and guess who calls...and I didn't have my phone on me...I call back and was told I could be seen on Tuesday at 2:30 but that I'd be placed on the emergency care list if someone else cancelled. Within a half hour I got the call that I had an appt for 4:30....I think they just wanted to verify I had insurance...doesn't matter to me, I take the appt.

Since the appt was for 4:30, Howie met us there and took the kids home while I was getting taken care of. First thing they do is take x-rays...3 of them...and show them to me. Again I can't "see" the crack in the x-ray due to position of said crack. Doc wants to take the broken part out and see what's underneath it and go from there. I told him to talk to me in dollars as that's my language...he chuckled.

He then put a topical freezing on the gum, and then the needle came...which brought with it, tears!! Yes, I cried!! I abhor needles!!!! Especially when they're in the mouth! Always have, always will! He only gave me half of the needle and let me calm down...and let the freezing start so he could give me the other half. Felt that too! Then he pulled the piece out and was pleased to see there was no root damage so a root canal was not necessary! Instead, he drilled out the filling that was there, it wasn't necessary anymore, and then filed down the broken edges. He then did some work with the microscope (hence the micro in his field) and took some pix to show me his work. Put a temporary crown on and away I went.

Total damages for today's visit...79.20...WAY less than what I'd been expecting!!! That's for sure! Paid and me and my numb face headed home. Howie was just feeding the kids as I came in, so I made myself some soup and tried not to drool it out...hard task really!! About 9:30 the freezing was gone and I made myself a toasted english muffin. OH, I did have a fudgesicle, and have to say, it was ODD to eat it while frozen...couldn't feel a thing on the left side!!! No feeling = no brain freeze!! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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