Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Barrista I am not!!

This morning DJ woke at 7:30...about an hour before I wanted him to! So he got Belle up and he's not fast enough, so she' pees in the hall...I take her out and she does both businesses and then bring her in, and settle him. I go lay in bed and wait for Sam to get up...about 8:30 she did. I then made the first pot of coffee for mom and dad when they got up.

The morning literally disappeared and before I knew it, it was lunch time and then we headed out. We as in me and the kids. I had volunteered to do a shift at a rest stop for our gleaners group...in Smokey Point...and one of the other members watched my kids while I was doing this...perfect!!! The kids got a play date...the parents got some time alone...and I got to listen to music both ways!! lol

My shift was from 2pm to 6pm...and in that time frame, we made 210 cups of coffee!!! I kid you not!!! When I left, there was maybe 60 cups left....not too shabby!! I'd taken a book with me, but didn't even get to crack it open we were that busy. After my shift I stopped at Walmart (where else!?!?) to see if Blake Shelton's newest album was out a day early...I'd heard of others finding them out already and was hoping that would be me too. No luck...I was bummed!!!! Seriously!

I got home about 7:30 and dinner was in the microwave waiting for me. Mom had also made a crab bisque that was DELICIOUS!!!!!! oh my stars was it ever good!! And she didn't even use the right amount of crab...she used half!!! Hopefully she makes more before she leaves...altho, I'd rather her try her hand at crab cakes next!!! But, I'm not picky!! 

Once the kids were in bed I suffered thru Howie's torture. Watching fishing shows. You see, typically, he's in bed by 9pm...so I usually have two shows recording and it doesn't bother anyone. Tonite, he stayed up to visit with us...and got pissy that the dvr was doing its job for me. Finally he switched to Eureka and then went to bed. Mom and dad tried to stay awake with me to watch it, but didn't last the whole show.

Finally they went to bed at 11 and I put on the B'ette. As much as Ryan has bugged me previously, I started to see a glimmer of a real person tonite and she boots him off! I also noticed his kabalah bracelet...so he instantly lost points again. Lucas wasn't a surprise to me....I think his previous marriage was a turn off for Ashley...altho, I'm not sure why, it shows he's not a commitment phobe! I have NO faves at this point...I don't care for Ben or Constantine's hair do's...they're awful! And Ames' eyes/face bother me...so that leaves JP I guess, and he's kind of intense....time will tell! And as for Emily's interview....who knows if it's a plot to get rid of the press/paparazzi so she and Brad can continue in peace...I'm sad for them!

Now, I must go make Howie's lunch!

Til next time...God bless!

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