Friday, July 15, 2011

This will go down in history!!!

This morning the rains were still with us....and DJ crawled and went back to sleep again which is awesome! But we were all up at 8 regardless. Mom and dad, however, didn't emerge til after which point the 3 of us were snuggled in my chair waiting for them. We all had breakfast and told the kids that they were leaving today, but first a lunch at Red Robin (Yum!)

Dad got busy cleaning the stairs with the carpet cleaner, and mom started hauling stuff she'd packed back to the coach, and re-making their bed in there. By 1, DJ had forgotten about eating at Red Robin (Yum!) as he started saying what he wanted for lunch. I asked him if he'd rather have a sandwich than RR and he got all excited again! We finally left shortly after 2 for town. That was a late lunch!

Lucky us, we got a brand new, on his first day, waiter!!!! (Sense my sarcasm please!) Now, either this dude has never eaten in Red Robin (Yum!) or he's never eaten at a restaurant...there was NO common sense! We asked for 3 waters with lemon, and he did bring 3 adult sized and two kid ones....yeah, not what we asked for!  He took our orders and I asked for a bunless chicken burger....which I literally got...meaning, not wrapped in lettuce which is usually how that goes. Kinda odd! Everything else was up to par, but he sure came by a lot to check on us!

Once we got out of there we headed to Lowes for Dad to find a shop vac...and what a deal he found too!!! Half off!!! Can't beat that with a stick! Then we tried going to Staples to get some school supplies, but we were a day late for the  penny deals :( so we headed home instead. As we're driving home, we sorta pass by Dairy Queen and DJ pipes up that he wants some ice cream. Which made us all chuckle. You see, the other nite, we did get a mini blizzard "for the kids" and dad and I would get a couple bites each. I sat in the back to spoon it into the kids mouths...and dad's too for that matter. I gave him  his 2 bites and he said it was akin to having an orgasm in your mouth....then it was down to the last few bites and he says "go ahead and have your bites" and I replied that I didn't want them. So now, he feels I conned him into having ice cream. And its not that at all, but rather I tested my will power and won! I will admit, I'm still chuckling even as I'm typing this out...hee hee! Good times!

We got home shortly after 4 and the kids went next door while mom and dad were trekking things to the RV still. When they came back (I was out switching car seats back to where they belong, the informed me they were staying one more was just too late to get started and really get some mileage under the tires before night fall. So we all came in and relaxed...Howie came home and went to work in the garage for fishing this weekend. Mom wanted breakfast for dinner, so we had scrambled eggs and pancakes with blueberries....DELISH!!!!!

After dinner DJ finally got to play with his new RC truck...his patience was definitely tested! I put laundry away that my fairy had folded. She'd also given me a few pairs of shorts she's shrunk out of and I fit them all! That was awesome! Then I got tempted to try on some of the smaller clothes in my closet...I got into the jeans I wore pre-DJ....not without a little effort, but its been 6 years since I wore those jeans!!!!! LOVE it!!!! Once the kids were in bed, we played cards and mom took the cake! She won too many times to be honest!! It was fun tho none the less!

Then Howie went to bed and we watched Suits...what a fantastic show this is!!! Quite funny and outside the box. Then mom and dad headed out to the RV to sleep and I watched Royal Pains...another fantastic show!!! USA is hitting home runs this summer!!!! Now, I'm listenin to Blake's new album on a Rolling Stones's on my list for this weekend when I'm in Lynnwood and near a Best Buy! If you haven't got one of his albums, do get this one!! Shameless plug, I know! :) You still love  me!

Til next time...God bless!

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