Saturday, July 30, 2011

Its official

My baby is going to school!!! Today he got his first "pack pack" and I haven't the heart to tell him its BACK pack...he'll learn it soon enough!

This morning I got to sleep in a bit as it's Friday and that's Howie's late day for work...I enjoyed the heck out of it too!! The kids were up at 8 so it wasn't too terrible for him really. I got up and made us breakfast and off he went to work. Avon had come, so he brought up the heavy box that DJ couldn't and I got busy sorting that mess out. Bagged it up and put them according to delivery dates.

Now, while all this is going on, the kids have ever so nicely left the sliding door open twice and Belle had gotten out TWICE!!! And both times I found her at the park where we go to romp around. Fun times trying to catch her! I then ban the kids from the sliding door and lock it up tight! So frustrating!

After lunch we head out to Woodinville to meet up with my Avon client who lives out there and there's a Target out there at which I need to get a wedding gift from a registry there. And while we were there we checked out their back to school section. DJ picked out a Cars2 back pack and a Toy Story 3 lunch pack...didn't want to match...and there was no changing his mind...he felt the power of his decisions!!! lol  He also said he had to try it on to make sure it fit!! Once done shopping we headed back to Monroe and stopped at Freddy's to get some ice cream. I'd told the kids we'd stop at McD's if they behaved and get them a cone to share...and then had the brain child to get the ice cream and take it home so they could have more than one cone. They both understood my logic and agreed that was best!

We got home and I unloaded everything and got dinner started... pizza for them and sketti for Howie and I...after dinner I made them each an ice cream cone and in an effort to keep it to ourselves, we ate outside on the back deck. I popped back in the house to get a wet wipe for Sam's face, and who escapes!?!? Belle!! Right between my legs!! So I grab the leash for the 3rd time today and head out to find her. I get to the park, and no we (me and Snickers) head back up our street calling out for her...nothing. Get all the way to Larry's and she's not there...head back to the park and she's not there. Now the panic starts to set in...but I'm still pissed she got out and didn't come when called.  I then head for the neighbour's across the street and go in their back yard as she likes it there....and there she is...eating cat poop!!! BLECH!!! She does finally come to me when I use a stern voice and I leash her up and take her home. Rascal! She got put on the trolley after that as I was still miffed.

The kids were busy playing and I did some Avon stuff til Howie got home and then got the kids in bed. I then head out to get Belle and she's soaking wet from DJ messing around with the hose out there. So I leave her on the back deck for a bit to dry off (I close the sliding door on the leash and she stays put) and then I had the brain child to reverse she came in but didn't have full range of motion. Howie was watching some program on rock n roll music and the best of the I worked on paperwork that was sent to us about the accident last week....that's a lot of fun!

After he went to bed I put on What Happens in Vegas with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron neighbour borrowed it from the library and lent it to me before she returned it. But it skipped SO bad!!! Didn't for her, but man, for me it was awful!! It made a 90 minute movie into 60!! Well, not THAT bad, but still I'm sure I missed out on more than a few punchlines. Cute movie tho!

Til next time...God bless!

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