Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goodness Gracious!!!

Today started off perfectly....8:44 was the time DJ got up, Howie got up, Belle got up, everyone but me!! Well, I got up and went pee, but then got back in bed to fully wake up. I was in a Hughes sandwich before DJ and Howie got up, so I enjoyed just stretching while waking.

After breakfast Howie went outside to work on the yard...I got my Avon sorted out and bagged up...and mom and dad did their annual BBQ clean up....only this time they cleaned even more than last time! It looks practically brand new!!! Sheesh!

After lunch we gathered everyone up and headed to the movies to see Cars2....DJ tried to pull some stunt about staying with the neighbours instead of going with us, but I vetoed that nonsense! I knew he'd be super sad if he missed out on it. It was a great movie too!!!! The beginning was a little slow for me, I did doze off, but then it picked up and was a good movie! More about Mater than anything else, but it was all good! Kind of like Inspector Gadget meets Bond meets enjoyed it a lot too!  After the theater we tried finding something in Woodinville for dinner, but had no we went to Blazing Onion in Snohomish. Well I'd never been there, but everyone who's eaten there has loved it, so I suggested it. We walked in and were the only ones in the "lobby", where its almost cafeteria style. You order your meal, then take a number and find a table...if you can find a table. So the 6 of us are looking at the menu when a bunch of people come in and just take over the ordering line with no regard for us who've been standing there for a while now. Everyone got flustered and we left. That was that! So we walked across the parking lot to a Teriyaki place and ate there instead.

Once home the kids stayed outside and had popsicles next door while we came in the house to tend to animals. Then it was bed time for the kiddos, and card playing time for us adults. Mom whupped our butts again!!! She always wins! We should get her to buy the lotto tickets! Then Howie went to bed, while mom and dad and I watched the final Oprah that I'd dvr'd for them. Then they went to bed and I started watching Friday Night Lights....til I saw lights!! Outside my living room window. The flashing ones that make you sing "bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you!" So I text my neighbour to see if she can see anything better than me, I head out on the back deck to see if I can see anything and all of a sudden one of the cops takes off up my street!!!

I'm still texting with Lara and she says "come out here" so I grab my jacket and head out there to be part of the neighbourhood watch! That's when we hear the sheriff on the megaphone asking someone to come out of their house on the street ABOVE us!! This is 3 different places the cops are all over now in our immediate area!! INSANE!!! So we listen in on this dude who'd been beckoned rant and rave about how he's innocent. Then we head to the front of her house and discover 2 other neighbours who were checking things out on the corner...and we all watch an ATV get loaded on a flatbed tow truck...the ambulance had left already with someone in it....just nuts! The other 2 neighbours tell us they're the ones calling the cops on the party up the street with the M80's they kept lighting off. And we all heard the 4 wheelers doing their racing up and down the streets...just nuts!! So then we head back to listen in behind us, but that had all calmed down at bit and someone else was talking about how he'd lived there for 23 years and only got broken into once, and as soon as that happened he went and got guns....I mean really!?!?!? This is scary shit now! 

Then we watch 3 cruisers take off down the main road, and two sheriff trucks come up our we took a walk up to see if Larry was awake and knew anything...he wasn't. So we turned around and came back home and parted ways. Wasn't it just last week the dude hit the power pole?? Maybe that was 2 weeks ago any case, I've had enough excitement on our street for the rest of the year now!!

Til next time...God bless!

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