Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teacher's Pet

This morning was a bit chaotic in the waking....Joanne had an appt with a homeopath at 8, but I forgot to put skype on the computer so she could chat with the dr...but I also don't have a web cam or mic to speak thru...and the dr didn't like that, so she ended up calling her instead. I did find out we don't have overseas calling features! So while she was downstairs on the phone, the kids and I ate breakfast and snuggled on the couch watching tv. Jo came up and saw us all snuggled and wanted to jump in on the action...glad she didn't! It was already hard enough to move with just the kids!

The rest of the day whittled away while we waited for her hair appointment at 2 with my hairdresser. The kids were just as excited as they love playing with Travis and Aliya! We got there and no LT or Alyia! :(  But that didn't stop my two from having fun!!! Even with the chilly temps and sprinkling rain, they still had fun!! Samantha thoroughly enjoyed baby Karina's company and was oohing and ahhing over her! Oh it was so cute to watch!!!

Once done with the hair, we headed home and I got busy right away making crab bisque to go with dinner...we'd thawed out some salmon and Hoiwe was to bbq it, so to add to it, I made the bisque my mom gave me the recipe for. YUM!!!!!! Oh that was delish!! Probably a new fave! Won't be giving too  much crab away since its so easy to freeze and make later too!! Jake came for dinner too which was nice!! He went fishing with everyone yesterday but couldn't come for a meal as he had to work. I finally got to see his tattoo in person!!! It looks good! Nice and crisp and he explained it a bit to me too. Its kinda big, but he's happy with it!

I then left as soon as I swallowed my last bite for puppy class...kissed everyone goodbye and off she and I went. We got there just in time too! Tonite there was only 4 of us, the two labs were missing. We worked on stuff from last week, and added to it....such as signs for sit and stay. I'd already been doing this, so Belle looked like a pro!!! She also got to be demo dog again for something, which I totally approve of as then I KNOW she can do whatever is being asked of her. And she likes the extra attention and different treats!  After class we were able to stay for puppy play, and it was just her and another dog named Zipper. The two of them were ALL over the place chasing each other. Oh it was fun to watch!! They had a great 8 minutes play time!!

We got home and DJ and Sam were outside "helping" Mr Erickson do something in the yard...what it really meant was "they have DIRTY feet" and daddy wanted peace...uh huh! I know that trick! So I head in with Belle and do some Avon calling. I've had a couple people ask me to call them and remind them the order is due...which I don't mind one bit! Once done there, I got the kids in and cleaned them up before sending them to bed. They were both wiped out!!! Jo went to bed before I could even say goodnite and Howie waited til I'd gotten out of the shower before going to bed. Belle was crashed in the living room, so I knit and watched B'ette! Not shocked that Constantine left, I wasn't feelin it either...but shocked that Ryan came back!! That says something to me! Sad she didn't feel it, but I get where she's coming from. So of the two, I think Ben is the "fun" one and JP is the "real" one...here's hoping she picks right!!

Oh, and I discovered something worse than a dog eating cat poop from a litter box...having her throw it up!! Oh that was just awful! I tried to get her to the kitchen floor, but it came up too quick. AND I'd just eaten!!! Three times I gagged trying to keep my breakfast down!! Just NASTY!!!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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