Monday, July 18, 2011

Party Crashers

This morning Howie HAD to go out at 8 am to get chew....which meant he woke me to ask me how he was paying for it...the kids were only awake since 7 something...then he leaves!!!! Didn't take them with him, he goes by himself!! The nerve!!! What's the FIRST thing they do when he leaves....come get me! So I got up and got breakfast going quite annoyedly (if that is even a word) as I was looking forward to another hour of sleep. In the end, I was still late for church!!! If I hadn't come back to get a skirt for Nola that I'd made while hoping to see them at the birthday party we were attending, I would have been fine time wise. *shrugs*

Pastor Dan is still on holidays, so one of the elders took a turn at the podium...and y'know, I firmly believe there are just some people who are born to preach!!! Today was not one of them! DJ fell asleep, so that made it somewhat bearable for us...but I had NO clue what he was speaking on and ended up doing DJ's "keep them busy" pamphlet.

After church we put DJ's car seat in the car with me and the 3 of us took off for McD's for lunch and then to a birthday party in Arlington. We get to McD's and I have no bank card...its still with Howie, so we wait for him to come to us and then get lunch, eat and head on the way north. Good thing we did lunch as there was just snacky stuff at the party.  The rains let up long enough for the party to be outside, which was good. I knew no one there, so I just sat back and watched my kids interact with kids they've never met before. I have to say, I'm pretty darn proud of them!! They showed good manners and had fun! The pinata was a big hit with the kids, but again, I watched my kids figure it out and in the end they each got two pieces of candy, while the other kids (and there were several older ones) got real greedy and walked away with bags full. I was more than happy they only got a couple...less hassle later!

The piece de resistance was the ice cream sandwiches that the kids made in lieu of two LOVED theirs! I got them each a vanilla one, turn around and DJ's at the chocolate ice cream table...with his hands all over one I did the most horrible thing and ate the one I'd touched that was supposed to be his. I can't just throw it out and waste it. Oh the moral dad got his pay back and he wasn't even here!!!!

Shortly after 4 we headed out...stopping at Micheal's in Smokey Point to see if they had shirts for VBS...the ones they had you could see thru!! No thanks! I did end up getting a couple more Crayola gift things for birthday parties I'm sure the kids will get invited to...and they were on sale!!! Since there was also a Target there, I checked for shirts there...nada! I mean really, how hard is it to find a white crew t-shirt!?!?! Hanes??? Nothing! So I call one of the other teachers and she calls my boyfriend Ben and sure enough he's got shirts you can't see thru. I head home and before I can say "don't fall asleep" they're both crashed! Thankfully it's a short trip home.

We get to Ben's and I wake them gently as I don't want the bears to come alive. Ben is having a tent sale, so we head over there first...and what do I find!?!?! White t-shirts for a DOLLAR!!!!! They only had 2, so I grabbed them both (I'll use one of my own for my shirt)  and the kids start doing the pee dance, so we head in to use the facilities and get some rhinestones. On the way home we hit up the shed for the weekend runs which wasn't as big as usual, but I still got some good stuffs. FINALLY we get home!

Salmon was what was for dinner and it was oh SO good!! Seriously!!!! Like candy!!! We had broccoli and green beans with it...the kids gobbled theirs up....Sam not so much on the fish...we're gonna do it with Teriyaki sauce next time and she make like that more. DJ on the other hand cleaned his plate before me!! After dinner Howie went and got the boat ready for tomorrow's trip out...the kids "helped" him which meant they rode in the back while he was lining it up with the boat. Then he TRUSTED DJ to tell him how much further he had to go and ended  up hitting the trailer...I'll admit, I did chuckle...he's FIVE!!!!! Even Howie couldn't get too mad as he was the one to trust him in the first place!

The kids went down easily and before 9, which is good! Howie went before 9:30 (had to have his freezies before bed) and I watched Drop Dead Diva. I did not expect that story line at all!!!! Should make it very interesting for sure! And The Protector was good too!  I thought about knitting and discovered that part of my ruffle skirt pattern is missing (I should have the dang thing memorized really) so I printed it off again and got the yarn balled up ready to go...maybe tomorrow nite I'll get that started.

Til next time...God bless!

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