Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puppy 101

This morning started WAY too early with Belle freaking out, and then DJ waking up, and Samantha very shortly after...and from there it went downhill quickly!!!

So much so, that by 11 the kids were both in their rooms waiting for Howie to get home....which was about 12:30! I'd found them outside with the hose spraying Belle who was tethered and MUDDY as all get out! You couldn't see ANY white on her at all! All my hard work of bathing her two days ago went out the window! They're lucky all they got was sent to their rooms!

After lunch I gladly left to go do the book run for the shed....by myself!!!! I didn't get solitude at the shed tho...ended up there was 6 of us doing things there today...most of them gabbing and in my way, but what can I do about that? I hightailed it outta there to get home and pick Belle up for her first vet appointment. I'd called this morning to see how old they have to be for 2nd shots since puppy school started tonite....and she needs to be current in her shots.

I got her and headed to town....we arrived with a couple minutes to spare and were taken care of right away. She weighed in at 21 lbs which is perfect for age and breed. And by the time the vet came in the room she was crashed on the floor....the ride in took a lot out of her. She got her shots, and a nasal thing to prevent kennel cough which happens with social interaction such as puppy class. She did awesome with the vet and I got SO many questions out and lots of reassurance that its just a phase we're going thru and to tough it out, she'll get it eventually. *sigh*

Then we headed back for home, got dinner going, and the kids got sent to their rooms again (this time by Daddy) for being in the truck and locking themselves in (*snicker*) knowing full well they shouldn't even be in there! Glad I wasn't the only one who dealt with crazy kids today!  As soon as I was done eating Belle and I took off for puppy class. I was hoping to get there earlier than I did, but at least I was early!

I have to say, this may be the best 100.00 ever spent on this dog!!! Truly!!! I got so much out of one class already and have 6 more to attend! She also got to be demo dog a few times as she had the exact behaviours that the instructor was looking to correct....and it was neat to Belle respond so quickly and easily to the correction from someone other than me...and I now KNOW she can be corrected! I'm all over it!

We got home and the kids were outside playing so I came in and cleaned the kitchen before getting them into bed....which was easy since they'd both gotten a fair bit of fresh air. Howie went to bed shortly after them as he'd gone fish looking today...its not really fishing if you don't have fish to prove for it! *I'm ducking when he reads this!*  When he was gone I put on the B'ette and was actually sad to see Ames go. During the home date he grew on me....and surprisingly, he was the best looking one of his family....he's just got an old soul and it was endearing! BUT it was quite obvious the spark was NOT there for her with him....so it wasn't a shock he was gone.   Then I watched Eureka which was good, as usual!! Its the only sci-fi thing I watch...its more humour than sci-fi really. Then I watched a new show called Rizoli & Isles....I like Angie Harmon and she's in this one. Not sure how I like the show tho....we'll see.

Til next time...God bless!

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