Monday, July 25, 2011

Even tho it was just

Sam and I this morning, we were still late for church! Altho technically, not late late, just late to get nursery started as it was my turn in Sam's class. But the other two girls who come were on vacay again, so Sam went in with the babies and I went into service....and I wasn't late for that...much...

After church she and I headed home...I called Howie on the way to see where they were, and they were on their way home with only 6 fish!! Darnit! We got home and I had time to get Belle out to potty and there they pulled they weren't too far behind us!! I got started right away making lunch and then Howie went to take a nap, and Jo took one too...which left me with keeping kids quiet. Yeah, right! We did finally take the dogs to the park for 45 minutes once I learned they'd gone in to "nap" with Howie 3 times! Sweet, but not when you're the one trying to nap!

One by one they woke up....DJ then got to go swimming as they neighbours came home from a church picnic....Sam tried, but she is still unsure of the water. So while they were outside, I got busy with laundry since my fairy left me...*sigh* Howie got up and started cleaning the boat to put away til next time. Then we started dinner and margaritas....yikes!! I should know better than to do that before eating!!! And I can clearly see how its "One margarita, two margarita, three margarita, FLOOR!!!!" Especially if you use the good stuff, Patron, and its so smooth there's NO bite whatsoever!!! Sheesh!!

After dinner Howie got the crab cooking while I cleaned the counters off for him and roasted some almonds and pecans....hottest day of the year so far, and I've got the oven going!! D'oh! The kids were back outside playing after dinner and finally came in after 8 to get pj's on and go to bed. DJ was out before I could kiss him...he was worn out from getting up so early and being outside all day in the wonderful sunshine we had! Sam wasn't too far behind him as I checked on her a few minutes after I closed her door and she was out!

Since Howie has to go back to work tomorrow, he went to bed about 9:30...and Jo went to bed shortly after I sat and knit while watching Drop Dead Diva and The I'm headin to bed...early compared to the last 3 nites!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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