Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEVER again!!!

This morning Belle woke up when DJ came in to the room about 7:30 and by 7:50 she was getting quite demanding to be let out...and DJ had gone back to sleep! Go figure! So I got up and got her outside. Come back in and catch her mid poop and haul her back outside. OY!  By 8:30 both kids are up and we're all snuggling on the couch talking. I send them downstairs to my parent's room at 9:20 to see if they were up yet...they were! They all came up and we had breakfast.

Plans for the day included, trip to DJ's school to dropping off an  Avon order and then mom and dad got the quick glance at DJ's classroom. Then to Everett to drop of Jackie's Norwex order (it came SUPER early!!) and then to walmart for lunch and shopping where I was able to cross 3 more things off DJ's school supply list. Then to the Christian Bookstore for mom and dad to peruse at their leisure. Then to Mountlake Terrace to my hearing aid place to drop off an order and more books. Then FINALLY headed for home in rush hour traffic.

Got home and Howie was working on the boat getting it ready for this weekend and Belle was not quite enjoying her new dog trolley system that Howie installed. YAY Howie!!  She didn't like it so much that she broke her choke chain collar!!! Now, it was a loaner, so I'm not sure how old it was to begin with....rascal!!

Dinner was fabulous and I got to make coleslaw for the first time ever!!! Mom did the chopping in my vitamix and I did up the dressing and it was delicious!! After dinner we all scattered! Mom and dad to the RV to take stuff down there and to get it ready to steam clean the carpets. Howie to his chair, til dad needed his help with battery stuff. The kids outside to play, and I watered the garden, weeded it and found my first radish sitting on top of the soil waiting to be plucked!! I'll enjoy that tomorrow in my salad!

Finally got the kids in bed and the ridiculousness started....they'd had a nap in the truck at 5, and since my dad was also snoozing, no one could keep them awake....well they were WIDE awake tonite well past 10! DJ was sweating in his pj's so he got to sleep in just undies...and Sam switched blankets from her fleece to her cotton quilt...but it wasn't til I added a small fan to each room that they settled down finally! No more napping past 5! NEVER again!!

Howie went to bed about 10, and the 'rents and I watched Covert Affairs and Franklin & Bash before they retired for the nite! I'm not too far behind them!!! Just gotta find my VBS notebook stuff...oops!!

Til next time...God bless!

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