Friday, July 22, 2011

And the diagnosis goes to...

Today was crazy busy!! The kids were up far too early for my liking...and far too noisy to let Belle continue to rest...or me for that matter....something about a broken lamp...not a fun wake up! Sam and I had breakfast, but DJ said he wasn't hungry, so I didn't make him anything...odd for the kid who never stops eating!!!

After breakfast I got a call from my sister, she flies in tomorrow, and we chatted for a bit before I had to get ready to head out. Dropped the kids off next door and I took the car to the collision place to get an estimate. Without really knowing the true damage, it'll cost 678 just to check it all out...and our deductible is 500...but that's not our cost, that's the 92 year old's cost...but we haven't heard from them the estimate is all I got today.

Headed home and got home within minutes of Howie coming fish today, but he did get 5 crab...and gave 2 to the guy who went with him on the boat today....3 is plenty for us! Then we all had lunch and hit the road again....this time for a dr appt for the 4 of us. We all got weighed (the scale there is exactly the same as here, so I'm happy with that!) and then herded into a room to wait for the dr. The kids are fine...minor bruising from their harnesses on the car seats...Howie and I both have aches and pains. His is his back and right hip, mine is my neck (I'm a neck cracker and up til tonite, I couldn't crack it...and it still isn't a great crack either) so we each got an Rx for massage and physical therapy...which we may have to wait til we hear from the 92 year old's insurance.... We also got Rx for muscle relaxants and ain't cheap!!!

Then because we needed to pick up the script at Freddy's, we just did the shopping while there...that was fun! I was listless if you can believe that!! I can't remember the last time I was the end I only went over budget by 3.03...not too bad really! PLUS I had Howie AND the kids with me!!!! I did manage to clear a couple more things off DJ's school supply list...slowly but surely!!  We got outta there and headed home to do dinner. Surf and fowl! I'd gotten a costco chicken yesterday for while I was at my meeting, but Howie didn't end up doing it, so we did it tonite instead.

After dinner was clean up time...Howie vacuumed while I swept and steam mopped the floors...much  needed!! My sis has allergies, so its best to do it the day before so it'll settle and not bug her so much. Here's hoping! Then we got the kids in bed around 9 and Howie by 10 as he's goin fishin again! I relaxed for a bit til I realized I'd forgotten to do the downstairs bathroom/laundry room. Got that done and another load of laundry going...never ending! I sure do miss my fairy!!

Belle started something new tonite...she saw herself in the sliding door and started barking like crazy!!! It was funny but far too late for such antics. I tried picking her up and changing her focus, but she was determined to protect me from that other dog. She also thinks the fan is going to attack her and barks like a mad dog at it! The potty training isn't getting any better....heaven help me!!

Now, I gotta go wake Howie up as he was afraid he'd oversleep and be late getting out to go fishing...

Til next time...God bless!

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