Thursday, July 21, 2011

Know what is

Definitely not a fun way to start the day??...getting rear ended!

This morning we woke up before the kids, got dressed and while Howie was out with Belle I got our eggamuffins ready for breakfast. We got the kids up and dressed and we were out the door shortly after 8 headed to Wenatchee to watch Jake play football at his camp. We got gas first and then hit the highway. Traffic was good, and flowing nicely. Our ears were just starting to pop (Belle's too, poor puppy) when we got stopped near the top of the pass. They're doing some blasting and right before the blast they stop traffic in both directions.

There we were sitting with the e-brake on just chatting and telling the kids to expect a boom sound soon...I'm not making this up...and then BOOM!!!! Only the boom was felt and we flew forward as the car behind us (also stopped) was rammed into us by a white Dodge Ram from Idaho, driven by an older man. Not the BOOM we were expecting at all!! Howie instantly got out to assess damage while I was calming kids down. The police were called, information swapped, and insurance companies called. We pulled forward a bit as we were still french kissing the dude's front bumper. We now have an imprint of his plate on our rear bumper. Lovely!

Then the waiting....because we were so far up on the Pass, it took about an hour and a half before the police showed up. Since we had Belle with us, I couldn't get out, which I probably wouldn't have anyways since the kids were in the back. Then the real BOOM happened and scared the crap outta all of us!! In the time it took til we were released to leave, there were 3 more BOOMS that startled us. About 11:30 we were let we headed east to find a washroom. Plans to go to watch Jake were cancelled as we now have to go buy two new car seats. Found an outhouse type washroom and I declined...but Samantha used it and we left.

Oh, come to find out, the white pick up driver is 92 (NINETY TWO!!!!) He even commented that they were gonna take his license away after this year...I'm thinkin it'll be after this accident! He didn't get out of his truck til the cop came to write it all out. On our way back home the Dr called and we now all have appts to get checked out tomorrow. DJ was complaining that his back hurt, and SamSam said her tummy hurt. She and I both cried right after but for different reasons. Mine was shock more than anything....and realization that it could have been worse....much worse!!
About 20 mins after impact I was clear headed enough to call our insurance broker, explain what happened and he gave me numbers to call...while on w/ him my mom n dad called so I called them back and gave them the whole scoop.

Once home we all used the facilities...turns out something that traumatic really DOES scare the shit outta ya! Even Belle!! Then we all piled into the truck and headed out to get new car seats.  Then on to costco to do grocery for food and Howie for fishing gear down the street, he got a referral spending spree...which took him less time to spend than it did me to do the grocery shopping! Go figure! We got home and put the new car seats right in the truck...Sam is THRILLED hers is just like DJ's now and has a cup holder.

We actually then got an hour to relax before the craziness started up again...then Howie went and hitched the boat up, while I dealt with Belle and got changed to head out for my meeting in town for Avon. The meeting was good!!! And I learned a few new tricks...just need to apply them! Then I hit up the dollar store for shopping and especially coffee filters...and then home!! The kids were already in bed when I got home even tho I'd told them they could wait up for me....they were sound asleep too! Howie was watching something on netflix and so I let him finish and fed the dogs. Belle has definite been shows in her poop...VERY soft tonite, poor thing!

Now I'm taking myself to bed...far too tired for anything else!!

Til next time...God bless!

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