Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm drawing a blank

On what to title this happens

This morning DJ crawled into bed with me shortly after 6:30 and was very quiet, as instructed, and just snuggled in and fell back to sleep. And Belle was none the wiser!!! This is a good thing! DJ woke about 8:20 and heard Poppa's voice, so he took off to see him...I got up and did the bathroom thing and then got Belle out. Dad had made me some turkey bacon, so I made a couple eggs and a piece of toast to go with it...YUM!!!!!

Once done eating, I got right busy with Avon since it was order day. Around 11 mom and dad hopped in the RV and headed to Everett to get the issue resolved. Turns out, it was a bad fuse and not anything  more serious or they got it fixed and headed home for lunch. Meanwhile, we'd done the pizza run and dropped off our extras at some outreach places and came home.

It was cute tho, when DJ realized that the RV wasn't parked where it's been for almost a month now, he was upset they'd left...but not that they'd left, but that they'd left without buying him his promised remote control car/truck/helicopter (he has to choose one) cuz that's more important than them saying goodbye!! Oh to be 5!

Belle has had some setbacks today, but I did get an email with the homework for the training class and in it were some VERY good suggestions on potty training, so I'm starting to implement those. And also training...once the kids were in bed, (dinner was yummy!!!! and we had the crab cakes as an appetizer) I worked with her on "sit" and "down" treats were VERY tasty and did the doing them inside as opposed to outside, I think, made a difference. She did awesome!!!!! And later 'sat' for my dad when he asked.

Then we played cards where Howie soundly beat me...I wasn't even close to winning either, but I had a shot!!!! He went to bed right after that, and the 3 of us sat and watched tv til mom and dad went to bed. Now, it's my turn!

Remind me to get the laundry downstairs so the fairy can do it before she leaves us on Thursday!!! :D

Til next time...God bless!

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