Friday, July 1, 2011

You wait right there missy!

This morning I only slept til 9:30 as we had A LOT to do I got right to it as soon as I was awake. Howie got up with the dog and DJ shortly after 8, which was nice! I truly do love vacation sleep ins! THE best!!!

After making Howie and I an omelet for breaky, I got the kids dressed in their picture was finally the day for Sam's 3 year pix. We've been battling facial wounds since March!!!! I kid you not! She'd scratch herself, or bump herself time after time...and just as one was healing, another would come along! Today, she only had one scratch to contend with...and I had a free "touch up" with Picture People, so they made it disappear in her photos...and she's GORGEOUS!!!! I'd add it here, but Blogger is being a pill! They're on my fb as of right now! She makes me swoon!!

While we did our picture thing, mom and dad walked the mall and checked things out and came back to us. SO glad they did too, as I needed help picking out THE pic for the package! there were too many to choose from that were so good!! After the mall we went in search of a Subway and ended up at Red Robin (Yum!) for lunch...we walk in and the kids both say "We've never been to THIS Red Robin" haha such comedic kids!

After lunch we head to the Target area, the kids and I had a couple returns there while mom and dad went to World Market and Storables. We found them when we were done and got back in the truck. Next stop was Home Depot, only this time I dropped them off and the kids and I headed to do some banking, which took FOREVER!!!!!! Ugh! We picked mom and dad up and headed to Everett Mall for the Sears there. Howie now has the job of installing a garage door opener...YAY!!!!!!! So awesome of my parents to gift us mobility on our garage door like that!! Previous owners took it with them, so we have all the wiring done, but no actual opener. I'm ready for winter parking now!! :)

FINALLY we got on the highway headed for home and traffic on I-5 was just awful...then again, it was rush hour! Mom and dad took naps while the kids tried to be quiet in the hard for them! I stopped at Freddy's to get some salad fixins for lunches. What should have been a 5 minute pop in trip, ended up being a 20 minute trip thanks to a woman who asked me about my nose ring and ended up telling me her life story....all I wanted was some Ranch dressing!!!

We got home and Howie was ready to cook dinner for us...the kids were outside playing til I called them in, they hadn't changed out of their good clothes yet! After dinner we relaxed for all of a minute til it was pajama time for the kids. DJ was once again out before I could tuck him in....tuckered right out! Love it! I came out to the living room and Howie was watching some show on Discovery about fishing, Swords I believe its called. Dad was rubbing mom's feet, and that was the extent of our evening. Mom went to bed shortly after 10, Howie about 10:30 and Dad was downstairs working on his bible study til he came up at 11ish for his Healthy Choice fudge bar....these thing are AHMAZING!!!! And mostly sugar free!!! Its insane how good they are!

I watched Rookie Blue, which I discovered last week is a Canadian show...SO good! I'm starting to learn the characters more...apparently I missed season one. Then I watched this week's Love Bites episode...which is also quickly turning into a summer fave! Now, another fave of mine...Pillow seen on the inside of my eye lids!!

Til next time...God bless!

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