Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swerve to avoid the herd!!!

This morning was perfect!!!! DJ woke up about 8:30 and Belle wanted out at 8:45...I had to finally wake Sam up at 9:30!!! Mom and dad were slow this morning too...but quicker than I at the breakfast thing! :)

After the dogs ate I crated Belle and we headed to costco to do MY grocery shopping. We split up once inside and I had two hellions in my cart! Should have split the kids up too!!!! Man alive!! I was done far quicker than they were but I had one item left in on my the time I finally located it, they were in the check out ahead of us! Go figure!

We headed home and unloaded and made lunch. The kids got a hot dog from costco so they were taken care of and went to play. After lunch I was ready to head out and do the Freddy's portion of my list....Dad chose to stay behind which benefited everyone!!!!! Belle didn't have to be crated again. The kids could play outside. Dad could relax. And we didn't have to contend with anyone!! Before anything could get decided otherwise, mom and I took off for town! 

We wandered Freddy's and found all kinds of good deals...I even got an overhead dog trolley for Belle so she can be outside but still run and not run off, which she's done to me a couple times already now. Granted, she was just following Snickers....crazy dogs!!  Once done with Fred, we headed to the dollar store to put my list to rest! Got everything and more there and headed for home. Turns out the kids were FILTHY from playing so much. The puppy napped the entire time (dad says he threatened her...ha!) And both Howie and dad were relaxing in the chairs when we came in.

The swirl of dinner prep started as soon as the groceries were put away. Mom made mashed potato surprise...which is really mashed cauliflower and a bit of cheese...quite yummy!!! The kids didn't think so, but they don't like mashed taters anyways. There were no leftovers, so that says something! After dinner I bathed the filthy monsters children and got them into bed before 9:30!  Then watched Deadliest Catch with Howie et al, and he went to bed and mom put on a dvd she brought for me called The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, which is truly touching!!! Not to the point of tears, but just really heartwarming and makes ya smile!  I couldn't link up the link for the movie as Blogger is being a google it tho!!

Then they went to bed and I watched White Collar which had me crackin up! And now, my pillows and I need to have a chat...once I take the dogs out one last time!! Here's hoping for another 8:30 sleep in! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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