Friday, July 8, 2011

Busy day of nothing!!

This morning started off with DJ joining me in bed with a whisper...and he went back to sleep quickly...I think he was just cold since we'd let him sleep in his underwear only. SamSam came into the room about 8:30 and snuggled with me til Belle started making a ruckus...and off the 3 of us went! DJ wasn't too far behind us once he was does he know!?!?! We ate breakfast rather quickly as I had a VBS meeting to attend with the other teachers in my class.

I was late! UGH! But only by 13 minutes....and no one batted an eye at me, so that was good! Sam ended up coming with me and DJ stayed back, which is a good thing! On their own, they're half as noisy!! And Sam was FABULOUS for the morning with me!! Simply delightful! After the meeting we went by a g/f's house to pick up her Avon order and payment for the last one. Then we headed for home and lunch!

Everyone had eaten but us, so we got right to it! After that mom and dad went to work on stuff in the coach, the kids went off to Jessica's house and I had a few moments peace!! So I filed my nails down since they were starting to click on the keys, and already I'm noticing a HUGE difference in typing tonite! Last nite was ridiculous! Then the kids came back as Jessica's dad didn't want the 3 of us read a couple books and snuggled on DJ's bed til it was time to get up and get dinner either started or figured out. Jake was coming for dinner and to see my parents before they leave.

We ended up having Teriyaki which appeals to all, and it was good! From our regular place so we KNOW its good stuff! But I think they forgot to give us a new punch card....hmmm not cool! After dinner Jake and DJ played some Kinect games, and then Jake worked with Belle a bit. Today I started something different in the potty that when she goes outside and doesn't potty, she gets crated for a half hour and then tries again...if she does go potty, she gets to play with us til the next attempt. She spent some time in the potty....but with Jake, he took her out and she peed right away, and then again he took her out and she pooped right away....go figure! We begged him to stay for a couple weeks!!!!!!

We put the kids to bed before he left, but only just, so once he left DJ finally calmed down and stayed in his room...his delay tactics are growing...oy! Sam on the other hand falls right to sleep! Then while I did some internet searching, everyone watched Wipeout...after which Howie went to bed. Then we watched Royal Pains from last nite an Suits from tonite. Suits is really growing on me!!! It thinks outside the box and I like that! Then mom and dad went to bed and I watched Love Bites, which I'm still trying to figure out....

Til next time...God bless!

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