Sunday, June 20, 2010

He didn't quite make it

The WHOLE nite....

At 5:47 am Howie heard DJ come in the front door just sobbing!!!

He climbed in our bed freezing cold and uncontrollably crying. Poor kid!!!

Took a bit for him to settle and then he slept til 8:30!

He still had fun! And told everyone he could that he went camping!!

Howie had to go in to work today, so I got the pleasure of having both kids with me to do Avoning

We left at 10:30....returned at 11 and left at 11:02...forgot my purse...grrrrrrrr

Made 11 stops, plus a trip to Walmart (where else!?!?) to get Howie's Father's Day gift

On the way back to Monroe both kids fell asleep after I specifically asked them not to as it was 4 o'clock!

Had to stop at Freddy's to do the groceries with two VERY cranky kids who didn't want to in Playland!

Got home about 6:30 and started dinner

Howie was out cutting back the blackberry bushes (I wish he would have waited til they berried...)

His cutting them back ADDED at least 10 feet to our property!!! That's just craziness!!!!!

After dinner the kids ran their energy off

Got put to bed....took DJ 3 times!

The last time he came out with his pillow across his bum so he wouldn't get spanked....cracked me and Howie UP!!!

He finally fell asleep with his feet at the top of the bed

Howie and I watched a movie The Spy Next Door.

Quite on  whim as I wasn't in the mood for Book of Eli

What a GREAT movie!!!!! Love Jackie Chan and all his stunts! And this movie had SO many LOL moments!!! Highly recommend!!

Now, I'm whupped!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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