Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eye Ream

Bet you'll never guess what that's supposed to mean in Samantha's native 2 year old language!!!!

This morning DJ joined me at 2...Howie decided to try sleeping downstairs as he was complaining about the scent of our mattress...which I find odd since I'm the one with hypersensitive nasal capacities! DJ woke up at 2 to pee...just as I'd drifted....so he went pee by himself, and when he came out asked if he could sleep with me. Since Howie took his pillows too, I told him to go get his pillow and sleep there. He hopped right to it!!! Once he was settled we both fell asleep again quickly!!

But, man, morning came too quick!!!

After breakfast we hung out in our jammies....then about 10:30 I told the kids what we were doing and they very quickly got dressed!!! We were going to an ice cream social!!!! (get the eye ream now??) The Mommy & Me group planned a day at a park to do this, but of course it was 55 degrees and very overcast!!! The longest day of the year and we didn't get sunshine for it!! Kind of gets lost on ya when the sunset doesn't include the sun!

Anyways...the deal was to bring our favourite ice cream toppings and all meet for sundaes!! One of the moms in town offered her home, so we headed there instead of the park. My kids didn't seem to mind one bit!! New toys are always fun!! We had a good crowd too!! DJ chose chocolate ice cream, which surprised me since he's never had it...and then wanted toasted coconut shavings, and chocolate chips on it...blech!! I had vanilla with bananas and caramel on it! YUM!! Sam had vanilla with bananas and chocolate sprinkles. In the end neither of them ate their one scoop....they wanted to go play instead!!

Shortly after 1 we took off for lunch at home and then nap time for Sam. If she doesn't get down by 2 she's a bear....I got the bear today! But the saving grace was the new doll she acquired from the play date. They have two boys and this one lone baby doll (a boy) and their dad was ready for it to be gone, so when Samantha was seen walking all over the house with the baby, she was told to keep it. She was THRILLED!!! And hasn't really let go of Gary (that's what it sounds like the name is...) as he sat at the dinner table with us in Jake's chair!!! So funny how concerned she is about her baby!! She's very maternal and it's showing big time with this particular baby!

After dinner DJ got to go out and play for an hour and a half!! Might have been too much for him as he was nasty when he came in...just downright obtuse! Like when my mom is hungry and doesn't get fed right away! Ornery! ha!  Once he was in bed tho, it took seconds for him to be in la la land!!

Howie and I watched the auditions for Last Comic Standing (LCS) as we enjoy laughing! The auditions are okay for me...I like it better when we've got the solid group and the competition starts...you get to learn their style and enjoy it more. Then I watched The Bachelorette...and I'm not at all surprised that Kasey is gone!!! Not one bit!!! I was also able to observe that she's not kissing ALL the guys!!! Chris L, Frank, Roberto and Kirk are the kissers...the other she kisses on the cheek or just hugs. Talk about awkward! Thank God she got rid of Chris N....that had to have been THE most awkward five minutes with him!!!! "So, what's a silly passion of yours?" and his response is "I love Mexican food" HUH!?!?!? Yeah, glad she finally got his number! Roberto is starting to move up in the line of who I'd pick for her! Chris L is still my first choice! He has maturity on his side!! that's a plus in my eyes!

Ok, off to bed I go!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S...did you hear about Jake and Vienna?!?!?!?! As much as I hate it when it doesn't work out....I can't say that I'm not all that surprised really!!

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  1. That's so funny! She named her doll Gary? HA. That was my dad's name. I love to see little girls go maternal, it's so sweeeeet.

    Bridget always brings me a doll and says it's crying. She won't leave until I start rocking and patting it. HA.

    What a fun playdate! Eye Reeeaaaam! :-)


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