Saturday, June 12, 2010

I just love

Sleeping in that extra hour or so on Friday mornings!!! Truly!! Even DJ last nite when I said to him "I'll see you in the morning" while tucking him in, he says to me "No Mum, I'll see DADDY first!!" To be honest, I'm not sure who's more excited for Friday mornings....him or me! :D

When I did get up, they were both fed, and still in their pj's...which is more than fine with me! They were even playing very well together come to think of it....usually I hear screaming/squealing when I'm in the dozy last, nothing! Even more perfect!!

The sun was our friend today too!! It rained over nite and everything was wet, but at least the sun was out and making the attempt to dry everything. I love looking over the railing of the back deck and seeing the green of my garden. I can see tho, that some of my seeds didn't take. *sigh* But that's okay, a friend of ours has starts for watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew...and I get some when its time to plant! So at least I'll have room!!!

Around 11 we took off for town to pick up some $$ owed by an Avon client and then to get cat litter...we can NOT afford to run out! lol On the way home we stopped at "the shed" to see what was dropped off on yesterday's glean...and while I was there a lady dropped off her run, so I was able to help unload and put things away. That also meant I got to glean some of the better looking stuff...and stuff I wouldn't normally see. So, we had pizza tonite for dinner!! YUM!!! It was only cheese, but I didn't have time to add to it. Once Sam woke up from her nap, she and I headed back to the shed to help clean up the new trailer that we're moving into. I have such an amazing kid...she sat in the truck very happily playing with DJ's sunglasses and watching Horton while I worked my butt off for an hour and a half. Lara's son David and Anneke's son Travis were there to entertain her for a bit too. She just enjoyed herself immensely! And we got A LOT done today!! All of the food that wasn't in the fridge/freezer was moved over....and as we moved it, we cleaned every surface GOOD! I had fun too!

So by the time we got home after 6 and got dinner going it was just about 7 when we finished and these children NEEDED a bath!! DJ especially since he'd been out playing all day. I finally took a nail brush to his toe nails in the bath...glad he thinks it tickles and is fun...those suckers were D I R T Y!!

Howie came home from work just as I was getting started washing DJ up...and then took over with the bed time routine of reading to them before putting them in bed. Once they were sound asleep, and Howie ate his dinner, we sat relaxing watching the opening ceremony of the World Cup. Quite the diverse group of performers!! Some of the music was just bizarre!! Great rhythms tho!!!

Now, I'm heading to a REAL busy day tomorrow!!! And I started reading a book I borrowed from my neighbour....Dave Ramsey  I've been wanting to read it for a while far I'm still in the early chapters and haven't learned anything yet. I'll keep ya posted!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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