Sunday, June 13, 2010


From the word "GO" its been sunny today!!! Oh what glorious sunshine!!! And on our way home this afternoon it was 78 degrees!!! We've been waiting for a day like this since September of last year!!!! Well, not quite, but it sure feels like it!

I'm sure there are MANY sunburned people in PNW....there will be many moans and groans tomorrow! I'm thankfully not one of them! I was smart enough to put my SPF on! And the kids too! Even thru the sunshine lotion, SamSam had a little pink in her cheeks...and DJ got some more brown on his arms. He got blessed with the Hughes skin tones...and they tan VERY well!!! Sam, she got my alabaster colouring that will tan, but wants to go lobster-like first. If only we were back in the 1800's where it was "cool" to be untanned!!!

This morning I stepped out of my to speak....I made an appt with my unit manager with Avon and she came out to show me the ropes about going door to door. I keep driving by these neighbourhoods where the houses are grand and thinking it'd be great to have a couple clients in there! So, today, she and I went walkin and knockin!!! I got 8 names in an hour to follow up that's 8 names more than I had before!!! Some were very receptive and eager to talk...others, not so much! but that's life. All but one don't have an Avon its mine for the taking!! And they don't have anyone in the area that they remember. Even better!!

Almost as soon as I got back we took off again.....Jake was playing football (throwing games they call them) with school. They only wore helmets and no, no contact. Just a way to get a look at the competition for the upcoming season. Jake's team won all 5 games!! We only stayed for 3 of them....each game was only a half hour long. But that's still 2 and a half hours of football in the hot sun! He called earlier this evening and sounded tired according to Howie.

On our way home we stopped by "the trailer" and noticed a lot of activity! We arrived just as they were unloading two runs of I was able to do more 'shopping' and round out all the stuff we got from yesterday. We're fully stocked in the food dept again! I love this!!! I got eggs, raspberries, cookies, scones, cauliflower, and pickles. We had some pickles with dinner and they were YUMMY!! DJ decided he REALLY likes bread and butter pickles!! And after 9 years together, I learned something new about my husband....he likes to dip bread and butter pickles in blue cheese dressing. Yeah, go ahead and scrunch up your face...even say "ew" if you want to....I tried it....won't be doing it again!! Pickles are just fine on their own! lol

Once we had the kids in bed (which DJ was a struggle due to his nap in the truck on the way home) Howie and I watched From Paris With Love with John Travolta....its such a guy movie!! Lots of shoot 'em up bang bang! I will say tho, the story line was good!!! There were a couple times I even said out loud "I didn't see that coming!" ....but definitely a man's movie!! Howie thoroughly enjoyed it tho! Even stayed awake for the whole that right there says something! :)  Once he went to bed I watched a movie I'd recorded on soon as it started I remembered seeing it before...but only I watched it again! What a touching movie! The Memory Keeper's Daughter Even tho I'd seen it already and knew how it went...I still was left bawling at the end!! Damn hormones!

Now, it's beddy bye time...I hear my pillows whispering my name!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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