Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ain't that a hoot!

This morning the kids were BOUNCING awake!!! Sam once again soaked her bed...her blanket...her pillow...her pj's...just about everything! I swear, she'll never get potty trained if all her peeing is done at nite! Its ridiculous!!!

I got her changed and cleaned up and then crawled back in bed to just lay there...and get snuggled upon!! Worked like a charm too!!!! It was during snuggles that I told them we were going to the lake today.  The same one DJ did the fishing derby from back in April. He was SO excited!!!

While eating breakfast the sun made its debut for the day!! Sweet!!! This made DJ even more excited...he was dressed and ready to go at 10! I wasn't....still had stuff to do, lunches to make, and laundry to start. We did finally get out by 11:30...a little past what I wanted originally. I got caught up in collecting outgrown clothes for a consignment shop in town.

We made it to the lake, which is oddly, in town, about noon...there was one other mom there with her two boys. She lives close by, so its handy for her! Then another mom showed up with her daughter and we all headed to the "beach" which was really REALLY rocky! It was like walking on a pumice stone all cut up! And it didn't help my feet any.....was hoping for a natural exfoliation process! lol

DJ being the boy he is walked right in and fell...ohhhhhhhhhhhh the water was COLD!!!!!!!! FREEZING cold!! It may have been 70 degrees but the water hadn't caught up yet! Somehow it didn't matter to him....he just kept going in and out until eventually he was numb to it and was sitting there up to his neck in water! Since he has NO clue how to swim, I had to be in there with him. He had water wings on, but that'll only get him so far. A couple times he managed to go head first...but survived. SamSam on the other hand, she stayed near the shore and dug in the dirt/rocks with the other sane children. Altho, to be fair, she ended up sitting in the water by the end too! Crazy kids! Must take after their dad for that as I don't like swimming in fishy waters!

We left there shortly after 1 when we were done eating our lunch....stopped at the consignment shop to see what they'll take from me to sell...turns out not much as I have mostly fall/winter clothing...they did take some of it tho...and some of the shoes! Whew! Here's hoping!!

On the way home, BOTH kids fell asleep!! I guess DJ really got tuckered out with all that water play! Good for him! I cracked the windows and let them sleep! Every half hour I'd go out and check on them to see who was awake...they slept for an hour and a half!!!! Such bliss! if only I could have napped too!!! Would have been even better! Once they got up we used the trampoline next door....I now remember WHY it's been 10+ years since I've jumped on one....not to mention two kids ago....dang!!!!

Howie arrived home to all the clamour two kids can make!!! They hear his car now what with the windows open...so they go running right away! After a bit of relax time I got dinner on the go. After Sam was done eating, DJ was being a butthead!, she told Daddy all about her "whimming hoot" which just had me in stitches!!!! Absolutely LOVE how she says swimming suit! Did ya catch it? To make matters worse, Howie threw the She sells seashells by the seashore out there....I almost had tears rolling down my cheeks!!!! Man, she needs to find her S maker soon!!! Such a crack up!! I should get it on video first tho....so mean!

Once everyone was safely tucked into bed I sat down to watch the drama unfold on the Bachelorette! Can you believe that schmuck Justin!?!?!? I mean, I knew it was coming, but had NO clue it was this bad!!! To hear the messages he left her on her phone, played back like that....just sick! And to think, he's representing Canada....not kool dude!! NOT kool!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. You know Bridget still wears a pull up at nighttime. She just turned four. Some kids are just too heavy of a sleeper. I know I was a bed wetter (the shame).

    The lake sounded like FUN! I like water that I can see in, but in a pinch fishy water is okay too. Glad he didn't care. :-) You must have sent the rain here. It's been a downpour. :-)


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