Friday, June 11, 2010

You know its summertime programming

When you watch movies on Lifetime!!!  Tonite's movie was Speak with Kristen Stewart...from the Twilight mania...she was the reason I watched it. It was kinda slow...but that could be because I missed the first 20 minutes. And yet, I don't feel like I missed much due to flashbacks. In the made me cry....I pray nothing like that EVER happens to my daughter...and at the same time, I pray we have the kind of relationship that I have with my mom...I could tell her anything. Might take a few weeks to spit it out, but eventually I told her everything. I hope I don't become an ignorant mom that doesn't pay attention to her kids emotions and what messages they send off physically, not just verbally.

Ok, enough of that! Today we woke up to dryness....then the sun joined us! So while the kids were playing downstairs, K came over and knocked on the door to see if  DJ could come out and play. He sure could!! He's never gotten dressed faster either!!! ha! That kid flew out of his pj's and into his clothes!!!

By lunch, the sun was shining and the boys and Sam had lunch out on the deck at the picnic table...I can see this being a daily thing once the sun decides to be daily....please, let the sun be daily!!! By 2 something the rains had joined us...and were pouring down from the skies!! The boys came in to play....Sam joined them when she woke up. Then they wanted to watch a I put on Cars for them to watch!

Howie came home with a headache and went and laid down since the kids were occupied with their movie. Once dinner was well under way, we sent K home for his own dinner at his house. The boys were begging for a sleep over...we'll have to schedule one for sometime soon!!

After dinner Howie watched last nite's Stanley Cup winning game (Thank you God!!) since he was out at Jake's game instead of home watching it. He got home too late last nite too, to watch it...but I did offer!!! He already knew who won, so it was kind of past importance. He did watch it tonite to see the goals and plays. I went and coloured my hair and had a shower. A much needed dye job!!! I didn't get my normal colour, number 81, as they no longer make!!!! So tonite was the first time with number far, its much darker than what I'm used to...hopefully the sun lightens it up big time!!!

Now, I'm off to bed....I have no book to read...and I'm all caught up in my!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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