Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer has FINALLY arrived!!!!

And garden has not made it!! I spoke with my garden guru about what's NOT happening in my garden and she agrees...I planted too deep and its been too wet! Bad combo!!! So, this weekend I'll turn over the soil thats not got stuff growing in it and replant things again!! Here's hoping for more sun!!!

After 272 days of being UNDER 75 we hit 77!!!! About time too!! I think this is one record I don't want to see broken thankyouverymuch!! Our house stayed relatively cool too considering! Howie still wants to put the a/c in for when it gets sizzling hot...I'm undecided! I like the heat if  you haven't noticed from all my whining!

Today also held an earthquake in ONTARIO!!!! How insane is that?!?!??! AND apparently there was one back in  1998!!!! Not sure where I was for that one...but being 26 back then you'd think I'd remember something about it!!! Too self absorbed I guess! Or maybe its because I wasn't blogging back then and don't have the written proof of

DJ got to play play PLAY with K today....they leave tomorrow for their fartoolong vacation! I've talked with him about it and they told him about here's hoping the time flies without too many "When's K coming home?" type questions! He'll be lonely that's for sure!! Good thing we've got my parents coming for a nice long keep his mind off who he's missing.

Ooooh know what else today produced!?!?!? Altho, I guess technically it was tomorrow as it happened in Australia....they elected a FEMALE Prime Minister!! That's HUGE!!! Go Girl Power!!!! Of course, since she's the first one, she'll be held under a microscope! And to think....I have a cousin living there and got to witness it all! Pretty neat!

Once the kids were in bed I grabbed a shower and then watched SYTYCD....the women are coming out of their shells and bringing their A game!!! I think it'll be a guy who goes home tomorrow...and Billy is who I pick...just didn't have the same muster as the rest! BUT, if I had to pick a would be Melinda. She didn't quite execute it well enough! Listen to me....talkin like a judge...ha!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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