Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Parties

I'm planning one....and attended one tonite!! Whew!!

Today was Bee to the US to the WHY!!! (can ya figure that one out?)

I did get to sleep in which is LOVELY! And then boom, start the day! Once we sent Howie on his way to work I got started getting myself out the door to go grocery shopping! It was close to 11 by the time we finally got in the truck to leave. Dogs were going every which way and they weren't fed, so I had to stand there and monitor the food intake so that Snickers eats Snickers' food, and Bailey only eats Bailey's food...she's a food hog! She'd eat all day if we let her!!

We did a lunch at Costco...and I love how DJ says cute! Then we hit up Fred Meyer and the kids were thrilled to be in Playland!!! As was I!!! I got paged half way thru my shopping for a diaper change....which I didn't have with me, so I headed to the diaper aisle to get a box and some wipes. Oy! It was on my list, but I'd forgotten my coupons, so I was going to wait til much for that plan!

After Freddy's we went to Safeway and finished up what was on the list. Then the dollar store...then Grocery Outlet....then the post office...then the gas station for Howie's horrible addiction...then FINALLY home!! Somewhere between the post office and the gas station both kids fell asleep. Ummmm right before 4 pm!!! The time Samantha would normally bet getting up! When we got home I got right to work unloading everything in the pouring rain. Just as I was finishing up they both woke up. Cranky as all get out too!! Boy, that was fun!!

We had a snack of hummus and chips while I made pasta salad for a pot luck tonite....and then I bathed the kids. I knew I'd be too rushed to do it after dinner, so I did it before!! Worked out well and they thought it was neat to eat dinner in their pj's! As I was getting ready to head out Michaela came over to babysit...oh the kids were SO excited for me to leave!! lol Gotta love it!

I grabbed the card and the pasta salad and headed into town to meet Howie. We've never frequented the tavern we went to, but the birthday boy's brother owns it...hence it being there. Must have been about 50 people too! The birthday boy is a co-worker of Howie's and they live in Monroe it was kool we could actually attend! We had fun yakkin with other Pro Club people. About 10:30 we headed for home to get Michaela home. She had no complaints! AND she made the blueberry muffins for DJ's party tomorrow! How awesome is that!?!?!? She LOVES baking and once the kids were in bed it would be perfect timing. I totally enjoyed coming home to a warm-smells-yummy house!! I might have to do that more often!

Samantha woke up with our commotion and was wanting to rock in the chair...took a bit to calm her down and get her back to sleeping mode. Finally she crashed. I've done some tidying up, but there's still so much to do!!! We'll be B U S Y tomorrow morning before the party!! Here's hoping I can grab a shower too beforehand!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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